Greg Hastings’ Tournament Paintball Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Xbox (XB)

Greg Hastings’ Tournament Paintball Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Xbox (XB)

Greg Hastings’ Tournament Paintball


Cheat mode

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During single player tournaments, the following options can be turned on or purchased if you have a fully maxed out player at the cost of 25 experience points each: “God Mode”, “Slow Motion”, and “Extra Team Decals”. All of these options are accessed for arcade mode by going into the “My Character” menu selection and pressing White after your player has been maxed out. Additionally, if you get first in every tournament you will be able to choose two of the three options. Note: This will not work if you use the “Get to the top of the tournaments” trick to get to the finals of any tournament; you will only be able to choose one of the three options.

Select any pro player in single player mode

Go to the “My Character” screen, then hold Left Analog-stick Left or Left Analog-stick Right while tapping Y. This will change your character to any pro of your choice. Alternately, hold Left Analog-stick Left and press White. Note: This will not work if your stats are at max; Pro Players must also be “unlocked”.

All characters

Play all of the single player mode tournaments, and place in the top three in each event to unlock all characters.

Bronze goggles and marker

During the tournaments in the pro series you will receive bronze goggles and a bronze marker for finishing in first place in the first two tournaments.

Silver goggles and gun

Win the third and fourth tournament in the pro series to get the silver goggles and silver gun.

Gold goggles and gun

Win the fifth and sixth tournament in the pro series to add the gold goggles and gold gun to your gear bag.

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Anodized R7

After obtaining the Bronze, Silver and Gold marker, look very closely at it. If you look close enough, it is just an anodized R7 marker. However, the Solid Bronze is not as good as the R7. The Solid Silver and Solid Gold are a lot better than the R7.

Get to the top of the tournaments

First, get past the second five man novice tournament. Then just before you start the semi-finals or the finals of this tournament, save the game. You can see what level you are going to play before you actually play it. Press White and your game should be saved. Then, go back to the tournament that you were at before. You should now be at the semi-finals or the finals where you were before (past the second five man novice tournament.

Get out of netted field and shoot people

On any match, including Xbox Live, go up and get as close to any netted boundary while playing the game. Look as far down as possible. Then, press B to dive. While diving, press Right Analog-stick Up, which will make you look up. Your screen will glitch, with you looking straight up and the screening twitching. When this happens, press Left Analog-stick Up + Right Analog-stick Down. You should now be out of the net. When you look back at the net, it is not there. You can still shoot people in the netted area, but they cannot shoot you. Note: This is not easy to do, and may require some practice.

Reload on the run

Once you get all your Reload maxed out, you will be able to reload while you run, return a flag, or do anything else.

Easier view

When playing in a tournament, press Left or Right on the D-pad to see to the left or right.

Browse songs

While playing the game, press White, then press L or R to browse between songs. To exit the song browsing, press White again. Note: The game is not paused during this time, and you could get shot.

Extra logos

If you select the extra logos option with 25 exp., you will have the choice of the following six logos:

    Bear with flowers named cute.
    Ball on fire
    Woman with a paintball gun named Mudflap
    Skull head
    Tiki guy
    U.S.A. round flag


Hold L, press A, then press Down until you are lying down. Then, quickly release L then hold L. If you done correctly, your gun will move to ether the top left or to right of your screen.

Duck Walk

Hold L, press A, then press Down until you are crouching (not lying down). Then, release L and hold L. If done correctly, your gun will move to the top left or right of your screen.

Torso Cutoff

Use the Right Analog-stick to look as far up as you can, then dive (press B) and look down at the same time. Once you are on the ground, release Down and you will slowly sink.

Freeze game

Go to “Team Manager” in single player mode. Press Y instead of A to look at one of your player’s details. When a character is selected, quickly tap Y and press Left Analog-stick Left. The game will freeze and you will have to restart your Xbox to exit.

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