Head of Xbox Talks Early Access and Cortana

Head of Xbox Talks Early Access and Cortana

A detailed in an interview with Engadget at this year’s Gamescom, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has taken a moment to talk about a similar program to Steam’s Early Access on the Xbox One, along with whether or not the personal digital assistant Cortana will also make it to the console.

On the topic of a similar Early Access program on the Xbox One, Spencer told Engadget that “ it does make sense ” to bring such a thing to the console, continuing on to say that it could be a strength to Microsoft in the long run–after being field-tested on the PC.

There’s a certain bar that we want to keep on consoles because of the nature of who plays on a console, ” Spencer told Engadget. ” The model itself I think does make sense. I think we probably just wanna model it a little bit differently.

The fact that we exist on both Windows and on a console could make it a strength of ours in the long run, ” Spencer added. ” So it starts in one space and kind of graduates up. Maybe early access starts on PC, but it’s targeting the main console customer.

Engadget broached Spencer about how would indie developers succeed in such an environment on the Xbox One, offering Vlambeer’s Nuclear Throne as an example, a game that’s said to have been on Steam’s Early Access, with regular updates and development livestreams.

Vlambeer is different. We know them, ” Spencer replied. ” But it could be ‘Vlambo,’ and we don’t know them. And you’re like, ‘Okay, is this real; is it not real?’ I think there’s a certain bar that we want to keep on consoles because of the nature of who plays on a console.

In regards to Cortana, Spencer was asked if the personal digital assistant will also make its way on the Xbox One, explaining that such a thing may happen pending on the success of the console to its “core” audience.

I think we get permission to do that as we succeed as a gaming console, ” Spencer explained. ” It makes sense that I can get up in the morning and say ‘Xbox, what’s the traffic’ and it brings up something that shows my commute in the morning. That all makes sense to me in the long run.

I think there’s a ton of opportunity, ” he then added, regarding both Cortana and something like Early Access on the Xbox One. ” Time is in precious quantity when we’re talking about those scenarios.

We’ll bring you more news on this year’s Gamescom and Microsoft’s Xbox One should further information reach our ears.

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