DayZ and Journey Confirmed for PS4

DayZ and Journey Confirmed for PS4

During this year’s Gamescom on Wednesday, August 13, it was confirmed during Sony’s press conference that the Early Access titles DayZ will also be coming to the company’s PlayStation 4. In addition, the critically acclaimed game from thatgamecompany, Journey , is also coming to the PlayStation 4.

DayZ’s creator Dean Hall made this announcement when he took to the stage during Sony’s press conference. No further details were provided, other than the game will be coming to the PlayStation 4; no release date or any kind of platform exclusivity was mentioned.

However, Hall did explain that Bohemia Interactive, the studio behind DayZ , “ didn’t want to just port DayZ” to consoles, but it does want to take advantage of each platforms’ respective strengths, according to GameSpot. Hall later made it clear via Twitter that “ DayZ is not exclusive to any platform.

Meanwhile, it’s been revealed that the PlayStation 3 hit Journey will also be coming to the PlayStation 4, but no other information was provided; no release date has yet be revealed.

Explore the ancient, mysterious world of Journey as you soar above ruins and glide across sands to discover its secrets. Play alone or in the company of a fellow traveler and explore its vast world together. Featuring stunning visuals and a Grammy-nominated musical score, Journey delivers a breathtaking experience like no other, ” reads the game’s overview description.

We’ll bring you more news on this year’s Gamescom, DayZ and Journey should further information reach our ears.

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