Destiny’s First Expansion Will Ship in December

Destiny’s First Expansion Will Ship in December

As revealed by Destiny developer Bungie at this year’s Gamescom on Tuesday, August 12, the first expansion to its forthcoming shooter will launch this year in December for all platforms, entitled “ The Dark Below ”.

Jonty Barnes, Bungie’s director of production, announced during Sony’s press conference during the event that The Dark Below will be available as a timed exclusive on Sony’s PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, with the expansion releasing on other platforms soon after.

During this timed exclusivity, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 users will also gain access to a Strike mission, named “Dust Palace”, as well as the multiplayer map “Exodus Blue”.

The Dark Below will be followed up by Destiny’s second expansion, “ House of Wolves ”, which has yet to be detailed.

Also during the same press conference, Bungie revealed a short video that shows off Destiny’s various multiplayer game modes in action. The competitive game mode itself, dubbed “Crucible” as an umbrella title, features six-on-six scenarios with different objectives.

Enter the Crucible to hone your skills against other Guardians in competitive multiplayer arenas that span the solar system. As you engage in multiplayer combat, victory will earn you special armor, weapons, and gear that you can take with you into every single mode of play, ” the video’s description reads.

You can secure access to Destiny’s expansions by pre-ordering the game, which comes with additional goodies to boot .

Destiny is slated to launch worldwide on Tuesday, September 9 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. A PC version of Destiny is currently “ a heavy point of discussion.

We’ll bring you more news on Destiny and this year’s Gamescom should further information reach our ears. You can watch Destiny’s competitive multiplayer trailer via the embedded video below.

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