A New Destiny Gamemode Removes Radar and Supers?

A New Destiny Gamemode Removes Radar and Supers?

A new multiplayer game mode similar to the “SWAT” configuration featured in the Halo franchise has been suggested to be on its way to Destiny , according to a recently discovered Grimoire card.

This game mode, referred to in the Grimoire as “Inferno”, will supposedly be a new Crucible matchup that removes radar, supers and weapon bonuses. It was was first posted up last week by Reddit user KingOfCarrotFlowers, who spotted the information while flicking through their collection of Grimoire cards.

The Grimoire in question is believed to be part of the new wave of Grimoires introduced with Destiny’s recently-released The Dark Below expansion.

According to the game mode’s description, as well as removing supers and radar, Inferno will also track points upon kills, meaning that simple potshots and tags won’t count towards your overall score unless its an outright kill.

A modified variant of multiple Crucible match types, Inferno tests your Light against the darkest of conditions, ” the Grimoire reads.

Darkness prevails, leaving Guardians to rely on their weaponry and combat skills alone. The enemy can only be found by sight and sound alone. Rely on your teammates and keen tracking to stalk your enemies and shut them down without the trust in your most powerful abilities.

True skill put to the ultimate test. No trackers. No Supers. No bonuses. Only kills earn points.

Bungie itself has yet to reveal any indication of introducing a new Crucible game mode such as the Grimoire describes. For now, though a tease it may be, the suggestion of their being a new multiplayer game mode should–for now–remain as just that: a suggestion.

We’ll bring you more news on Destiny should further information reach our ears. The game’s recent expansion, along with game itself, is now available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

[ Source(s): Reddit ]

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