Destiny: Ghost Edition is Exclusive to UK retailer GAME

Destiny: Ghost Edition is Exclusive to UK retailer GAME

As reported by Eurogamer on Tuesday, July 8, the UK-based video game retailer GAME will be exclusively selling the Ghost Edition of Bungie’s upcoming shooter Destiny , which’ll come included with GAME-exclusive pre-order bonuses.

The Destiny: Ghost Edition is currently going on sale for £149.99, and its contents have been detailed below, courtesy of Eurogamer.

  • Limited edition SteelBook Case and Game Disc

  • Early access to the Vanguard Armoury weapons and gear and an exclusive Vanguard player emblem

  • Guardian Folio : Arms & Armament Field Guide; Postcards from the Golden Age; Antique Star Chart

  • Collector’s Edition Digital Content Pack: Unique Ghost Casing; Exclusive Player Emblem; Exclusive Player Ship Variant

  • Destiny Expansion Pass: this includes two post-launch expansions, which each include new story missions, co-op activities and competitive multiplayer maps, and new weapons, armour and gear to earn. (The Destiny Expansion Pass costs £34.99 when bought separately. Both expansions will be priced individually at £19.99 when they launch.)

  • Expansion I: The Dark Below – Set deep beneath the surface of the Moon, fans will discover an ancient tomb that has been unsealed, and a dark god who has risen an evil army in the depths of the Hellmouth, the home of the Hive enemy race

  • Expansion II: House of Wolves – details will be revealed later

  • Ghost replica, featuring motion-activated lights and voice recordings from Peter Dinklage, voice of the Ghost character, the player’s personal companion in the game

  • Letter of Introduction

  • Golden Age Relics, which include a Photo, Patch, Sticker and two Chrome slides of the Traveler

The Ghost Edition also includes an upgraded Sparrow vehicle as part of its GAME-exclusive pre-order bonuses. This “prototype” version of the Sparrow features a custom paint job, upgraded initial acceleration and a higher top speed that its standard counterpart. It also has enhanced armor plating to boot.

GAME’s other exclusive pre-order bonuses includes the Vanguard Edition , which grants early access to the Vanguard Armoury weapons and gear, as well as an exclusive Vanguard player emblem.

Destiny is slated to launch worldwide on Tuesday, September 9 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. A PC version of Destiny is currently “a heavy point of discussion.”

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