Hero X Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Hero X Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Hero X

Change superpowers

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit a “*.idx” file in the “hero xsavegames” folder in the game directory. Change the values such as health recharge, power recharge, etc.

Look for the “[Player]” heading to change the following attributes:

    Hitpointrecovery (sets speed of hit points recovery)
    Powerpoints (sets the number of power points)
    PowerPointRecovery (sets the speed of power points recovery)
    Hit (sets the number of hitpoints)
    Titles (sets the names of available super powers)

Look for the “[PowerActive]” heading to change one of the following attributes. Only up to 10 powers can be edited. Change the number after the “=” to “0” (disabled) or “1” (enabled).


Look for the :[PowerEnabled]” heading to change one of the following attributes. Set all of the following entries to “=1”


Note: When adding super powers, you must also add to the “titles=” line under the “[Player]” heading. List all of your super powers there. For example:



The following is a list of superpowers can be enabled:

    superbulletshield= (Protects against small high-velocity projectiles)
    superconfusion= (Confused opponents wander aimlessly, forgetting to fight temporarily)
    supercopypower= (Use someone else’s randomly selected superpower temporarily)
    superdangersense= (Know what direction threats lie in)
    superearthquake= (Knocks everyone off their feet and stun them temporarily)
    superelectricbolt= (Connects you rather shockingly to a target for heavy damage)
    superelectricshock= (An electric arc shoots and strikes an enemy for light damage)
    superenergydrain= (Lessens power of a target who possesses superabilities)
    superentanglement= (Employs flora to hinder your enemy movement)
    superesp= (Read thoughts of enemies and innocents)
    superfireball= (Fires flaming ball that concentrates on a target for heavy damage)
    superfireshield= (Flaming aura surrounds you, lessening damage)
    superflamethrower= (Flames shoot in a stream inflicting moderate damage)
    superflamingbody= (Flames surround your body, burning all who strike you)
    superforcefield= (Form barrier of force around you, absorbing all damage inflicted)
    superforcehand= (Mentally generated hand attacks at a distance)
    superfreezeray= (Shoot ball of extreme cold at a target, freezing him in his tracks)
    superfrenzy= (Fighting strength and speed increase)
    superhealing= (Recover from any injuries at accelerated rate)
    supericeshield= (Aura of cold surrounds you and lessens damage)
    supericeslide= (Pathway of ice beneath allows you to slide very quickly)
    superillusiondecoy= (Create identical copy of yourself and renders you invisible)
    superimmobilize= (Immobilizes opponents in ice)
    superinfravision= (See heat and foes can no longer hide in darkness)
    superinvis= (Undetectable by sight)
    superjump= (Leap obstacles with enhanced legs)
    superknockback= (Field that forces away anyone you strike)
    superknockoutgas= (Noxious fumes to overwhelm enemies)
    supermimic= (Absorb the appearance and abilities of another by touch)
    supermindcontrol= (Make almost anyone an ally)
    supermultiply= (Create three independent duplicates of yourself)
    superpsychicblast= (Damage a single target)
    superpsychichold= (Immobilize a single target)
    superrepulse= (Force away anyone who tries telekinetic shove)
    supersense= (Quickly identifies objects you can interact with)
    supershapeshift1= (Transmute body to stone or metal)
    supershockfield= (Field shocks anyone attempting to strike you)
    supersmokescreen= (Generate a cloud to confuse and slow enemies)
    supersonicboom= (Devastating blast of sound)
    supersonicstun= (Devastating blast of sound)
    superspeed= (Fast speed)
    superstasisfield= (Field of energy that renders enemy immobile)
    superstrength1= (Lift up to one ton)
    superstrength2= (Lift up to three tons)
    supertelekinesis= (Move objects from a distance)
    superteleport= (Transform yourself from matter to energy, and back again elsewhere)
    supertimeslow= (Slow time in your immediate area)
    supertimestop= (Stop time for all those around you)
    superwhirlwind= (Miniature tornado)
    superwindblast= (Knock back enemies)
    superxrayvision= (See through walls of wood and stone).
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