Heroes Of Might And Magic 2 Strategy Guide

Heroes Of Might And Magic 2 Strategy Guide

The Unofficial
Heroes of Might and Magic Two

Frequently Asked Questions

version 2.30

First published: November 20th 1996
Last updated: January 5th 1998

Table of Contents

3…..General Questions
4…..Multi-player Sessions
5…..Bugs and other related problems
6…..The Game
7…..The map editor
8…..Gimme more!

1 Terms

1.1 Autorun: A feature included with Win95 that allows cd rom programs to start automatically after loading.

1.2 Hi Color: A 15 bit color SVGA color mode. It displays between 32k and 65k colors depending on your video card.

1.3 HOMM: Heroes of Might and Magic

1.4 IRC: Internet Relay chat

1.5 IPX: A network protocol commonly used on local area networks.

1.6 NWC: New World Computing – The creators of HOMM II and the entire Might and Magic line.

1.7 TCP/IP: The protocol used for the internet.

1.8 True color: A 24 bit color mode that displays 16 million colors.

1.9 Patch: A modification of the program released by the company that created the program.

2.0 Hack: A modification of the program released by someone else besides the company that created the program.

2 Introduction

2.1 What is HOMM II?
-Heroes of Might and Magic II is the sequel to Heroes of Might and Magic which is itself a sequel of the game King’s Bounty. HOMM II, like its ancestors, is a fantasy based strategy game of war and resource management. The characters, monsters, and settings are loosely based the Might and Magic universe established in the five role playing games of the same name. The game is played out in turns not real time. Most games take less that four hours to play.

2.2 So is HOMM II like …….?
-There are many turn based strategy games that appear similar to HOMM II. Managing the castles feels a lot like Civilization. Moving the Heroes around feels like Master of Magic. Combat feels like Master of Orion and Panzer General. In truth, there is no game like Heroes of Might and Magic II. Well, except for Heroes of Might and Magic I.

2.3 What are the differences between HOMM I and HOMM II?
-There were many improvements. New to HOMM II were:

-Two new character classes: Necromancer and Wizard
-12 New Monsters
-Upgrade able dwellings that draw more powerful troops.
-New types of buildings: A trading post to trade for needed resources,
-A larger battle area.
-Castles’ defenses can be upgraded.
-A campaign mode were one mission will effect the next
-You can hire captains to defend towns and castles instead of taking up a valuable hero.
-Heroes have secondary skills.
-Slower units like Dwarves move faster and thus are more usable.
-The graphics have been updated with hand painted computer models.
-Winning isn’t always dependent on destroying all other players.
-IPX and TCP/IP protocols are now supported.
-Opera Music.

2.4 What is the appeal of HOMM II?
-Beauty is often hard to define. Some people like the strategy element, the resource management, the beautiful graphics and music, the fantasy setting, the rock solid code, and/or the turn based nature of the game. I’m sure those aren’t all the reasons, but you get the picture.

2.5 What are the system requirements?
-DOS: 486/66 or higher, 8 megs of ram, and 2x cdrom
That being said, some people have been running The Dos version HOMM II on 486 sx 25s and are happy with it.
-Win95 486/66 or higher, 8 megs of ram (I would say 16) and 2x cdrom
Both the Dos and Win95 versions of the game will run on a 386 sx16 with 8 megs of ram. In fact testing was done on a 386 sx25 system. However it is reported that it was painful.

-68040 or Greater, Accelerated for Power Mac. Minimum Requirements: 7 MB free RAM, CD-ROM drive, 50 MB hard drive space, 13″ monitor, 256 colors, System 7.5.3 or greater.

2.6 Can I run HOMM II under Win NT?
-Yes. Version 4.0 of NT workstation supports the DirectX drivers needed to run HOMM II. It is recommended that you have at lest 32 megs of ram.

2.7 Is there a demo and if so, where is it?
– Yes!. It is 27 megs and available for download from //www.nwcomputing.com/heroes2/h2demo.html. Also it will probably be available on all the major CD magazines such as PC Gamer and Computer Gaming World.

2.8 Where can I buy HOMM II?
-HOMM II can be found in bargin bins for as low as $19.95 along with its expansion pack, which sells as low as $9.95. (US) The best way to buy it is in the a specal package that sells for $39.95 athat comes with everything in the HOMM series. King’s Bounty, HOMM I, HOMM II and the HOMM II expansion pack.

2.9 Should I buy HOMM II?
-Yes. Its really a great game.

3 General Questions

3.1 Is it my imagination but isn’t HOMM II a lot harder than HOMM I?
-Yes. It appears that not only the computer players are getting advantages that the human player doesn’t, but the maps are designed to favor the computer players. Also, some of the scenarios appear to have their level of difficulty mislabeled.

3.2 That is all well and good but can you help me stop the computer players from kicking my butt?
-I can not give you any sure fire tips. I have lost more games that I have won. On top of that, this is a FAQ and not a strategy guide. I can give you some observations that may help.

-At the beginning of the game, all players, computer and human, are about even. So expand quick and fast. As time marches on, the computer players appear to get special bonuses making them harder to kill later in the game.
-Heroes from strongest to weakest: Warlock, Wizard, Necromancer, Barbarian, knight, and Sorceress.
-Computer players will almost always attack troops that fire first. So try to organize your slow/powerful troops next to your firing troops.
-Gather resources as fast as you can. Sure can buy anything you need via the marketplace but you really need a steady supply of everything.
-If all else fails, try posting to the newsgroup: comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.strategic

3.3 What is this Might and Magic VI preview found in the game?

-At the beginning of the game, click on the glowing, unmarked door on the left and you’ll see a series of sceen shots for NWC’s next episode of the RPG series.

3.4 What language is the Opera music and where can I buy a CD of it?
-The opera in HOMM2 is in German. All the music, including the opera, is original works commissioned for the game and is only available on the game.

4 Multi-player Sessions

4.1 Hey! Where’s chat?
– While in Battle or looking at the map, press F2. Hit enter to send and esc to abort. Also you can use [ or ] to change the chat color.

4.2 Is it just me, or does the Hot seat option favor the last player?
– Yes it does. The computer only shows the movement of computer players in the visible area of the last player. Thus the first players will not be able to see a computer hero invading his kingdom. You can even the odds by changing enemy speed to don’t show. This also make for a faster game.

4.3 Can I run a network game with only one copy of HOMM II?
-Yes. Install the game on the guest computers. The master computer is the only system that has to have the original cdrom in the drive. The guest computers will be unable to play CD music. Up to six players may play this way.

4.4 Where can I meet people to play HOMM II over the internet?
-Check out IRC channel #HOMM2 and Holliane Holmes’ HOMM II web page at //www.swweb.net/~hholmes/heroes/homamii.html
-Check out:

4.5 Why can’t I do anything when other players are taking their turn? I thought that a simultaneous turn option was going to be allowed?
-See section 5.2.

4.6 Can I play over the Internet using the Dos version of HOMM II?
-Yes. You’ll need a program called Kali. SJG writes:
“Reference www.kali.net for basic information. Basically, Kali is a program that tricks the computer into thinking your PPP/Slip connection is really an IPX network. Another program, based on the same principles as Kali, is Kahn. Kahn can be found at www.ladder.com/~nbright. Both are shareware, Kali is $20, Kahn is $15. This is for lifetime registration.”

4.7 Why can’t I type in a 12 digit IP address?
-see section 5.5

4.8 Is it possible for two human players to join forces and share resources?
-There is no team play option in HOMM II. However, [email protected] has found a hack that will allow you to do this:
“You have to hex edit one of the included team maps, to make it editable in the Map editor. Change offset 4 to 01 and then you can edit them. Then edit the map so that the team players can both/all be human or computer. The only thing you have to worry about, is that if you take a team members mine, any computer team members will start taking your resources, and maybe attack you.”

4.9 Can I play HOMM II over Mplayer?
– Sure and here’s Neal Spears to tell us how.
“Ok, here is how you can play Heroes of Might & Magic II through Mplayer.

1) Go to www.mplayer.com and download their software, it is totally FREE!

2) Once the software is downloaded and installed, launch Mplayer and go to the “Chat Lobby”.

3) Here you can make a Room (Click on “Create Room”), call it whatever you want but it would probably be a good idea to put “HOMM2” somewhere in the title. Once people join the room, you can chat (either VOICE or keyboard) and agree on a game.

4) Now, minimize Mplayer and go to the “Start” menu, select “run” and type “WINIPCFG”. This will give you your IP ADDRESS. The only player that needs to do this is the host of the game.

5) Go back to Mplayer and tell the other players your IP adress, launch a game and select Multiplayer, network (TCP/IP), and “host” (if you are the host). The other players then do the same thing and select “Join Game” at your IP address.

6) Now you can play! Note that you can keep HoMM2 windowed and keep Mplayer open in the background, therefore you can play HoMM2 over the Net with Voice chat! And ALL FOR FREE!!!

-While at the Mplayer web site, check out the “Big Board BBS”, go to “Open for suggestions” then “games” then “Play HoMM2 on Mplayer NOW!”. We can use this forum for discussing games, tips, etc and to set up times to play.

Hope to see you all there!”

5 Bugs and other related problems

5.1 The crest doesn’t take me to the Kingdom Overview screen.
-This feature was changed. As the Kingdom Overview screen grew in complexity, it was causing confusion.

5.2 During multi player games, the game locks up and I’m unable to do anything till after the other player takes their turn.
– This isn’t a bug, its a feature. The original HOMM performed the same way. HOMM II was originally was going to allow players to look over their castles and such while the other player was taking their turn. The designers couldn’t figure out how to include this feature smoothly and fairly.

5.3 During combat, the game runs awfully slow. What’s wrong?
– The cause of this problem is hard to track down. If your running Win 95 and met the minimum requirements here are some possible solutions:

-Add more ram. If your running the Win95 with 8 megs of ram, its going to be slow.
-Turn your colors down to 256. Hi and True color modes eat processor time
-Make sure your playing in full screen mode.

-For any version of HOMM II try:

-Turning the music off.
-Change the battle speed to fast.

5.4 Why does the autorun introduction screen pop up sometimes when the music changes?
– This is a Win 95 and cd rom hardware problem. Some cdroms seem to handle audio tracking “hicups” differently. Some will try to correct the problem, others will just drive right through causing audio breakup and others will reset from the index and search for the track again. The last method causes Win95 to think a new CD has been inserted and runs the autorun file again. If your CD rom does this, then the only option is to turn autorun off from your device manager. The higher number of auto tracks, the greater the chance this can happen. Since HOMM I and HOMM II have a large number of tracks, over 50, the chances are quite great.

5.5 I can only type in 11 digits for the IP address?
-This is a real bug. Go to http;//www.nwcomputing.com to download the patch that will fix this problem.

5.6 Can I change my modem setting to a none standard IRQ In the Dos version of HOMM II? I could in HOMM.
-It doesn’t appear so but there may be a hack around this. I’ll post any information I receive on this subject.

5.7 Why does the cd-audio keeps skipping and repeating?
-No one is sure why this is happening. The skipping and repeating doesn’t happen to everyone. The CD-audio code is different than HOMM I so the problem probably lies there. NWC may switch the code in HOMM II back to HOMM I. Until such time, switch music from CD-audio to midi or just turn it off. If you use the Win95 version, read 5.8

5.8 The CD audio music repeats and breaks off or I hear nothing at all in the Win95 version. How can I fix it?
-The problem is with your DirectX drivers. Select add/remove programs under the control panel. Select DirectX drivers and from there you must restore your old audio drivers. If that doesn’t work, try selecting midi music from the HOMM II configuration screen.

5.9 Why does junk appear where ever I click and how can I get rid of it?
– This problem appears in the Win95 version. Its due to a conflict between your video drivers and DirectX. Try using the HOMM II color cursors. If that doesn’t work, disable your video acceleration.

5.10 Hey! I won a battle and my computer rebooted.
-Assuming you are using Win95, its a DirectX problem. Some video cards are not 100 compatible with DirectX3. Try downloading the latest version of DirectX3 and the latest drivers for your video and sound cards. If it still doesn’t work, try using the dos version.

5.11 The hour glass is on all the time. Why?
-Its a DirectX problem. Turn on the color cursors, or hit F4 to switch back and forth from window and full screen mode, or change the hour glass icon to a pointing icon.

5.12 Why does the editor keeps crashing when I add things?
-This is one of the bugs the patch will fix. Basically you have added too many objects of one time and the editor breaks. Go to //www.nwcomputing.com to download the patch that will fix this problem.

5.13 Why do I hear nothing when I select CD audio?
-You could possible have no or a broken cd audio cable in your computer.

5.14 I just applied the patch and CD audio doesn’t work anymore. It worked fine before.
-The patch replaces the cd audio code. Most people it helps with the skipping problems mentioned earlier. Copy the Win 95 HOMM II exe from the CD to your HOMM II directory. That will take you back to the original version of HOMMII and still allow you to use the enhanced editor.

5.15 I tried to install the patch but it failed.
-Make sure the patch is in the same directory as HOMM II before installing.

5.16 Some spells never show up, is this a bug?
-No, see 6.12

5.17 I summon an element to protect a resource but it doesn’t work. The computer players walk past the element like it wasn’t there and I have a new monster to fight.
-This bug will be fixed in the 1.23 patch that will be released soon. There is a bonus though to this spell. If you are stong enough to fight the element without taking damage, you can keep casting and attacking the element and build basically unlimited experience.

6 The Game

6.1 Why can’t I split my troops into multiple stacks?
-You can. While holding down your shift key, mouse click on the stack you want to split, and drag them to an empty slot. A box will pop up asking you how many troops you want to place from the original stack into the new stack.

6.2 I can trade the Fizbin of Misfortune even though I should not be able to. Is this a bug?
-Its a bug, but hey, I wouldn’t complain.=)

6.3 Why is my morale so low?
-You have troops with different alignments. The troops get their alignment from the type of town they come from. refer to the HOMM II manual for more information.

6.4 Where are the wandering monsters?
-They are in the game but they don’t really wander. The wandering monsters are the stacks of creatures in the field without a hero leading them. Later in the game, some weeks have a special “events” that cause new stacks of monsters to appear. As time goes on, the stacks become very large.

6.5 Why do I lose troops when going through a whirlpool? Is it a bug?
-No, this is not a bug. Just like in HOMM I, you lose some of your weaker troops when going through a whirlpool.

6.6 Who gets the first shot?
-The fastest troop goes first. If there is a tie between troops speeds of the two heroes, the attacker goes first. If there is a tie between stacks in the attackers army, then the troop stack nearest to the top goes first.

6.7 What happen to the wait button? Did I miss it?

-During testing, NWC determined that the wait button got in the way of combat and added nothing. So, it was taken out of the final release.

6.8 How do alignment modifiers work?
-Alignment can effect morale either in negative or positive directions. The undead have neutral morale and are not effected by positive morale bonuses from alignment.
—Each level of leadership adds +1
—Troops are all the same alignment adds +1
—Undead + and other troop subtracts -1
—Troops of three types of alignments subtracts -1

6.9 How is the distance a hero may travel determined?
-At the beginning of each day the slowest troop in a hero’s army determines how far he or she may travel in one day. If you remove slow troops and add fast troops the change takes effect the following day. Also items such as the Nomad’s Boots of Mobility add to the distance a hero can travel.

6.10 How is score determined?
-You get a set number of points depending on what difficulty level you start at and a little bit is taken off for each turn. Style and ability are not involved.

6.11 Can two stacks join into one stack?
-Assuming they are the same type of creatures, yes. Just click on one, then click on another and they’ll join.

6.12 I never seem to get spells like Town Portal. Is this a bug?
-No, it isn’t a bug. Some spells are very, very rare. Greg Schneider did some research on this question and posted the results to Usenet. In summery, the rare spells were;
First level: none were rare
Second level: Haunt and Visions
Third level: Paralyze, Teleport, and View Town
Fourth Level: Set Elemental
Fifth Level: Summon Elemental and Town Portal.

6.13 What is a True Hero?
-A True Hero is a hero with a large leadership stat.

6.14 How can you tell if a stack of “wandering” monsters will join, flee, or offer a tribute.
-Straight from programer Phil Steinmeyer’s mouth:
” There is a 20% chance (determined at the start of the game) that a monster stack is a “joiner”.
If you have at least twice the force of a stack, and it’s a joiner, it will offer to join for free. If you have twice the force, and its not a joiner, but you have diplomacy, it will offer to sell out. (i.e. diplomacy doesn’t negate the chance of getting troops for free.)
If you have 5 times the force, and neither of the two above conditions apply, the monster will try to flee.”

7 The Map editor

7.1 Why doesn’t the map editor have a random generator feature?
– The official reason is NWC just didn’t think anyone used the random map generator. Its also believed that the new game is so complicated that a decent random generator couldn’t be made. Another reason why NWC might have not included is the random generator in the HOMM map editor had a habit of creating unwinable situations and included trash that could crash the game. This feature has since been added with the HOMM II patch so if you don’t have a button to generate a random map on your editor, you need to patch the game.

7.2 I was adding a bunch of things to my map and then it crashed. What happen?
-See section 5.12

7.3 Gee, isn’t the Random map feature, TOO random?
-Well, yes. Another reason theorized why the random map feature wasn’t added in the initial release was because that it didn’t make descent maps. As it turns out, the maps aren’t that good.

7.4 If the random map feature isn’t that good, what is the point of having it there in the first place?
-The maps its creates can still be lots of fun. Also, it can serve as a great template creation kit for home made maps.

7.5 What does the numbers mean next to the monsters and the artifacts?
-The numbers tell you how powerful the stack of monsters will be. M1 might be sprites where as M4 might be Titans. 1 is the weakest and 4 is the most powerful. R means a random power level will be picked.

7.6 Is there anyway to rotate the map graphics?

7.7 Is there anyway to debug a map without playing it?
-No. I would also like to state that if you are creating a map for someone else to play, you really should play it a few times. Besides working out the bugs, you might fine the map may not be fun to play to begin with.

7.8 Is there a good set of documentation for the editor?
-The online help is a pretty good source.

7.9 How can I place a town or castle so it will produce a shipyard?
-One of the lower corners of the graphic must be in the water.

7.10 Can I place monsters in the water?
-I didn’t think it was possible but [email protected] figured out a way.
“Normaly you can’t put monsters in the water, right. Well if you put a small bit of land in the water, place a monster on it. Next you take the water creater and fill in the land part surronding the monster (be carful not to cover the monster with water) Then the water will cover all of the land and only the monster reamains. I have tested it too in the game and they do act like normal in combat and such.”

8 Gimme more!

8.1 What web pages are dedicated to HOMM II
-Most HOMM pages support HOMM II. Check out:

8.2 What editors are out there?
-Besides the nifty one that comes with the game, there is also a shareware save game editor for HOMM II. Check it out at: //www.ici.net/customers/overkill/overkill.htm. Also an editor in work is at://www.shano.com/cheats/

8.3 Are there any Easter eggs?
-Just one has been found so far. Judson Cohan discovered that if you click on an unlabeled door at the main option screen you’ll see several screen shots with the message “Might and Magic 6 coming in 97”.

8.4 Are there any cheat codes?
-Yes, lots in fact. Type any number below in the adventure screen
–8675309 will show you the whole map.
–32167 will give your current hero 5 Black dragons. Repeat to get more.
–911 will win the game.
–1313 will lose the game
–123456789 during the battle will give you luck.

8.5 Is there any information on hex editing a save game file?
-Yes! David Robinson writes:
Use a hex editor to edit your saved file. Go to the hex address indicated and change it to the value shown which gives you the amount of that item. Make sure to make a copy of your file before you edit it in case you make a mistake. Remember hex goes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F.

Item Address Value Amount
Wood 350 FF 256
Mercury 354 FF 256
Rocks 358 FF 256
Sulfur 35C FF 256
Crystal 360 FF 256
Gems 364 FF 256
Money 368 FF $98,303
369 7F
370 01

8.6 What is next for HOMM?
-There are two things on the horizon for HOMM. First there is an Add on pack is in the making for HOMM II. It is out now. It adds 4 new camapains, new winning conditions, new artifacts, new heroes, new events, and new skills. A major addition is the ability to higher ghost. Second, HOMM III is in the planning stages. Almost nothing is known about it except its to be very different than HOMM I or II.

8.7 I heard that there are some command line switches. What are they?
/d0 – No digital sound
/i0 – No introduction screens
/m0 – No midi music
/r0 – No CD music

/NWC – Debug mode Win95 version only

8.8 Did New World Computing give out a free strategy guide?
-Yes and No. First, NWC did give out was a small advertising insert in the magazine PCGamer. It has some strategy tips. Also the HOMMII sold at warehouse clubs like Sams club, BJs and Pricecosco came with a free strategy guide.

9 Credits

9.1 A special thanks goes out to the following people for their help with this FAQ
Raymond Bingham
Ken Brammer
Tim Brierley
Jeff Bryer
Mike Cameron
Davy Chapman
John M Clancy
Judson Cohan
William Cunningham
Daniel DuBois
Daniel Evans
huMike Fournier
Pramod Gumpeni
Bill H.
Keith Hanlan
Joel Hills
Bill Huffman
Jerry Jelinek
Micheal Keane
James Kenneth
Ed Kloskowski
Kevin Lambert
Randy Lai
Wen Q. Liang
David Mason
Javier Martinez
Steve McInerney
Bill MacIntosh
Andy Neitzke
Karen Oettel
Greg P
David Palomares
Kevin Podsiadlik
Steve RP
Kurt Reisler
David Robinson
George Ruof
Greg Schneider
Neal Spears
Phil Steinmeyer
Scott J. Geertgens
steve unruh
Nan Wang

9.2 Heroes of Might and Magic, Heroes of Might and Magic II and New World Computing are trademarks of New World Computing inc.

Appendix A: Artifacts

If you know of an artifact not listed here, please email the name and a description of what it does.

-Ammo Cart: endless ammunition for troops that shoot.
-Ankh: doubles effectiveness of resurrect and animate spells.
-Arcane Necklace of Magic: increases spell power +4.
-Armored Gauntlets of Protection: increase defense skill +1.
-Ballista of Quickness: catapult fires twice per turn.
-Black Pearl: increases spell power and knowledge +2.
-Book of Elements: doubles effectiveness of summoning spells.
-Caster’s Bracelet of Magic: increases spell power +2.
-Defender Helm of Protection: increases defense skill +1.
-Divne Breastplate of Protection: increases defense skill +3.
-Dragon Sword of Dominion: increases attack skill +3.
-Elemental Ring: halves casting cost summoning spells.
-Enchanted HourglassL extends duration spells by 2 turns.
-Endless Bag of Gold: 750 gold every day.
-Endless Cart of Ore: 1 unit of ore every day.
-Endless Cord of Wood: 1 unit of wood every day.
-Endless Pouch of Crystal: 1 unit of crystal every day.
-Endless Pouch of Gems: 1 unit of gems per day.
-Endless Pouch of Sulfur: 1 unit of sulfur every day.
-Endless Purse of Gold: 500 gold every day.
-Endless Sack of Gold: 1000 gold every day.
-Endless Vial of Mercury: 1 unit of mercury every day.
-Evercold Icicle: cold spells do 50% more damage.
-Everhot Lava Rock: fire spells do 50% more damage.
-Evil Eye: reduces casting cost of curse spells by half.
-Fire Cloak: halves damage troops take from fire spells.
-Fizbin of Misfortune: Greatly decreases morale.
-Foremost Scroll of Knowledge: increases knowledge +5.
-Four-Leaf Clover: increases luck in combat.
-Gamblers Luck Coin: Increases luck during combat.
-Giant Flail of Dominion: Increases attack skill +1
-Golden Bow: halves penalty shooting past obstacles.
-Golden Goose: 10,000 gold every day.
-Golden Horseshoe: increases luck in combat.
-Gold Watch: doubles the effectiveness of hypnotize spells.
-Hideous Mask: No wandering troops will join you.
-Holy Pendant: troops immune to curse spells.
-Ice Cloak: halves damage troops take from cold spells.
-Kinetic Pendant: troops immune to paralyze spells.
-Lighting Helm: Halves the damage done by lighting spells.
-Lightning Rod: lightning spells do 50% more damage.
-Lucky Rabbit’s Foot: increases luck in combat.
-Mage’s Ring of Power: increases spell power +2.
-Magic Book: allows the casting of spells.
-Major Scroll of Knowledge: increases knowledge +3.
-Medal of Courage: increases morale.
-Medal of Distinction: increases morale.
-Medal of Honor: increases morale.
-Medal of Valor: Increases morale.
-Minor Scroll of Knowledge: increases knowledge +2.
-Nomad boots of Mobility:Increases movement on land.
-Pendant of Death: troops immune to holy spells.
-Pendant of Free Will: troops immune to hypnotize spells.
-Pendant of Life: troops immune to death spells.
-Power Axe of Dominion: increases attack skill +2.
-Power Ring: returns 2 extra power points to your hero.
-Sailors’ Astrolabe of Mobility: increases movement on sea.
-Skullcap: halves casting cost of mind influencing spells.
-Seeing Eye Pendant: Troops are immune to blindness spells.
-Serenity Pendant: troops immune to berserk spells.
-Snake ring: Halves the cost to case bless spells.
-Spike Helm: Increases attack and defense +1 each.
-Spike Shield: increases attack and defense skills +2.
-Statesman’s Quill: reduces cost of surrender to 10% of the total cost of troops you have in your army.
-Stealth Shield of Protection: increases defense skill +2.
-Superior Scroll of Knowledge: increases knowledge +4.
-Tax Lien costs you 250 gold pieces per day.
-Telescope: increases terrain hero reveals by 1 extra square.
-Thunder Mace of Dominion: increases attack skill +1.
-Traveler’s Boots of Mobility: increase your movement on land.
-True Compass of Mobility: increases movement on land and sea.
-Ultimate Book of Knowledge: increases knowledge +12.
-Ultimate Cloak of Protection: increases defense skill +12.
-Ultimate Crown: increases all basic skills +4.
-Ultimate Shield: increases attack and defense skills +6.
-Ultimate Staff: increases spell power and knowledge +6.
-Ultimate Sword of Dominion: increases attack skill +12.
-Ultimate Wand of Magic: increases spell power +12.
-Wand of Negation: protects troops from Dispel Magic spell.
-White Pearl: increases spell power and knowledge +1.
-Witch’s Broach of Magic: increases spell power +3.
-Wizard’s Hat: increases duration of spells by 10 turns.

copyright Robert Merritt 1996-1998

This document may be distributed freely by anyone so long as there is no cost to view it above regular ISP rates and that its unmodified. New World Computing inc may modify this document so long as credit is given to me, Robert Merritt, as original author.

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