Hot Shots Golf Fore! Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Hot Shots Golf Fore! Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Hot Shots Golf Fore!

Note: This game is also titled Minna No Golf 4 .

Store items are cheaper

Enter ” MKJEFQ ” as a password.

Aloha Beach Resort course

Enter ” XSREHD ” as a password.

Bagpipe Classic

Enter ” CRCNHZ ” as a password.

Blue Lagoon course

Enter ” WVRJQS ” as a password.

Day Dream Country Club course

Enter ” OQUTNA ” as a password.

Mini Golf 2 course

Enter ” RVMIRU ” as a password. Alternately, score 120 or more in Mini Golf 1.

Silkroad course

Enter ” ZKOGJM ” as a password.

United Forest course

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Enter ” UIWHLZ ” as a password.

Western Valley Country Club course

Enter ” LIBTFL ” as a password.

Wild Green Country Club course

Enter ” YZLOXE ” as a password.

All golfers

Enter ” REZTWS ” as a password.

Caddie Mochi

Enter ” MYPWPA ” as a password.

Caddie Clank

Enter ” XCQGWJ ” as a password.

Caddie Daxter

Enter ” WSIKIN ” as a password.

Caddie Kayla

Enter ” MZIMEL ” as a password.

Caddie Kaz

Enter ” LNNZJV ” as a password.

Caddie Simon

Enter ” WRHZNB ” as a password.

Caddie Sophie

Enter ” UTWIVQ ” as a password.

Mike costume

Enter ” YKCFEZ ” as a password.

Nanako costume

Enter ” BBLSKQ ” as a password.

Phoebe costume

Enter ” GJBCHY ” as a password.

Suzuki costume

Enter ” ARFLCR ” as a password.

100t Hammer Club

Enter ” NFSNHR ” as a password.

Upgrade 100t Hammer Club to mid-level

Enter ” BVLHSI ” as a password. -From: shadowsspaz

Upgrade 100t Hammer Club from mid-level to top level

Enter ” MSCRUK ” as a password.

Pinhole Club

Enter ” DGHFRP ” as a password. This club allows more accurate control.

Upgrade Pin Hole Club to mid-level

Enter ” TTIMHT ” as a password.

Upgrade Pin Hole Club from mid-level to top level

Enter ” RBXVEL ” as a password.

Big Air Club

Enter ” DLJMFZ ” as a password.

Upgrade Big Air Club to mid-level

Enter ” TOSXUJ ” as a password.

Upgrade Big Air Club from mid-level to top level

Enter ” JIDTQI ” as a password.

Infinity Club

Enter ” RZTQGV ” as a password.

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Upgrade Infinity Club to mid-level

Enter ” WTGFOR ” as a password.

Upgrade Infinity Club from mid-level to top level

Enter ” EIPCUL ” as a password.

Upgrade Turbo Spin Club to mid-level

Enter ” NIWKWP ” as a password.

Upgrade Turbo Spin Club from mid-level to top level

Enter ” DTIZAB ” as a password.

Beginner’s Ball

Enter ” YFQJJI ” as a password.

Big Air Ball

Enter ” CRCGKR ” as a password.

Infinity Ball

Enter ” DJXBRG ” as a password.

Pin Hole Ball

Enter ” VZLSGP ” as a password.

Sidespin Ball

Enter ” JAYQRK ” as a password.

Turbo Spin Ball

Enter ” XNETOK ” as a password.

Decrease tournament rank

Enter ” XKWGFZ ” as a password.

Capsule 1

Enter ” WXAFSJ ” as a password.

Capsule 2

Enter ” OEINLK ” as a password.

Capsule 3

Enter ” WFKVTG ” as a password.

Capsule 4

Enter ” FCAVDO ” as a password.

Capsule 5

Enter ” YYPOKK ” as a password.

Capsule 6

Enter ” GDQDOF ” as a password.

Capsule 7

Enter ” HHXKPV ” as a password.

Capsule 8

Enter ” UOKXPS ” as a password.

Capsule 9

Enter ” LMIRYD ” as a password.

Capsule 10

Enter ” MJLJEQ ” as a password.

Capsule 11

Enter ” MHNCQI ” as a password.

Everybody’s CD – Voice Version

Enter ” UITUGF ” as a password.

Hot Shots Golf CD – Music

Enter ” PAJXLI ” as a password.

Extra Pose Cam

Enter ” UEROOK ” as a password.

Replay Cam A

Enter ” PVJEMF ” as a password.

Replay Cam B

Enter ” EKENCR ” as a password.

Replay Cam C

Enter ” ZUHHAC ” as a password.

Extra Swing Cam

Enter ” RJIFQS ” as a password.

Extra Video

Enter ” DPYHIU ” as a password.


Enter ” DIXWFE ” as a password.

HSG Rules

Enter ” FKDHDS ” as a password.

Landing Grid

Enter ” MQTIMV ” as a password.

Menu Character Brad

Enter ” ZKJSIO ” as a password.

Menu Character Phoebe

Enter ” LWVLCB ” as a password.

Menu Character Renee

Enter ” AVIQXS ” as a password.

Voice Change

Enter ” JVQVKQ ” as a password.

Wallpaper Set 2

Enter ” RODDHQ ” as a password.

Bonus characters

Defeat the following characters in versus mode by a 1 UP or better to unlock them in versus mode: Falcon, Kamala, Louise, Maya, Mel, Sam, T-Bone, Z, Zeus.

Play against Regis

Defeat Emma in any difficulty by 4 UP in versus mode to play against Regis.

Play as Regis in versus mode

Defeat Regis in versus mode to unlock him in versus mode.

Voice Collection

Successfully defeat all characters on the normal difficulty setting to unlock the Voice Collection.

Alternate costumes

Defeat a character by 2 UP in versus mode. Then, defeat the same character on the hard difficulty setting to unlock their alternate costume. Note: Ratchet and Jak only have one costume.

Left-handed golfer

At the character selection screen, press Square, then press X to choose your golfer. -From: [email protected]

Playing harder courses

After unlocking the more difficult courses such as Wild Green, it is much more important to choose a character with higher impact skills than one with greater power. For example, to make it safely on the narrow fairways of the Wild Green course, you may want to choose Kamala or Louise because of their better impact and control versus T-Bone or Jak, who have a greater range of distance.

Safe shot

Notice how your caddy is on the fairway and not next to you sometimes. When you notice your caddy is not next to you, scan down the fairway. Wherever your caddy is standing, this is a signal for a “safe shot”. Aim for your caddy to avoid water or sand traps. However, this will happen only once a hole and not on every hole.

Easier putting

When faced with a difficult putt, it is necessary to compensate for uphill and downhill shots. For example, the harder you set the power on a putt, the less you have to compensate for curve. If you are putting downhill, try hitting the ball with slightly less power and compensating more on the curve. After a few tournament rounds you will see a difference in your overall game.


When you use a certain player or caddy many times, you will build loyalty for that character. However, this loyalty is only useful in tournament mode. Chose your characters wisely.

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In-game reset

While playing the game, press Start + Select + L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 to restart.

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