Huge Battlefield 4 Update, Game Free on PlayStation

Huge Battlefield 4 Update, Game Free on PlayStation

Yesterday, we brought you news from the production of Battlefield: Hardline and how the creative director says they’ve learned from the mistakes of Battlefield 4 . The huge list of tweaks and fixes planned for the latest patch only further illustrates just how deep the technical hiccups of BF4 truly go.

Here is just a snippet pulled from their official blog today (which literally goes on for pages and pages). Check out the original post if you want the complete rundown :

• Improved soldier movement to closely match that of Battlefield 3 while still maintaining animation fidelity of Battlefield 4.

• Fix for an issue on the Siege of Shanghai where players could make themselves invincible near Flag A.

• Added pre-round ready state. The minimum player’s ready per team needed for the round to start is calculated from the team with less players.

• Crosshairs/Optics scale tweaked and visibility against light backgrounds improved.

• Helicopters and jets now affect trees and bushes which are set up to react to wind.

• Various collision fixes and other performance improvements have been made to Dragon’s Teeth maps.

• Uniform soldier aiming allows the use of procedural aim rate instead of the original preset numbers.

• Fix for elevators on Dawnbreaker being active on the Domination, Squad Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Defuse game modes.

• High latency indicator tweaked to give players a better idea of when they are experiencing lag.

• Fixed a rare issue where a second Commander would spawn over the already existing one in a certain scenario, resulting in 2 Commanders on the same team.

• Fixed the missing kill card issue for hardcore and anytime the killcam is off.

• Increased the Chain Link game mode round timer to 30 minutes. Ticket bleed rate has also been changed to be 40% slower.

• Fixed an issue where a player trying to join a full server would get an incorrect error.

• Added “Classic” Server presets.

• Increased the gunship cooldown for Commander to 60 seconds.

• Fixed an edge case where a Commander asset will never get “activated” for a team if the Commander is under a Proxy Attack.

• Fixed a crash related to the Riot Shield.

• The high frequency update is now on by default and cannot be turned off. It now also supports PlayStation 3/Xbox 360.

• Reduced the time it takes to display the incoming damage indicator.

• Fixed an issue where players joining Lancang Dam after the Levolution event didn’t hear the VO and alarm.

• Fixed issue where Battle Pickups would sometimes get dropped immediately after picking them up. Also fixed a problem where Battle Pickups can’t be picked up when other soldiers are nearby.

• Made 100 tickets the default Rush ticket value.

• Fixed an issue where field upgrades would be lost when a player spawned into a vehicle.

• Tweaked smoke effects. Smoke is now bigger, has higher density and lasts longer.

• Fixed some materials that would react incorrectly to projectile collision.

• Fixed an issue where squads would get bigger than the supported maximum of 5 players.

• Fixed a bug where the Gamertag would not appear correctly in the emblem report screen.

• Updated player icon to show a shield variant when using the 10% health reduction perk (showing for enemy players only).

• Fixed an issue where players could get underneath the ship at Objective “E” on Paracel Storm

• Reduced head flinching on soldiers.

• Added functionality to be able to shoot when falling (not jumping).

• Fixed an exploit on Operation Locker.

• Fixed an exploit near the US base on Metro 2014.

• Fixed an issue on Dawnbreaker where players could get underneath the map.

• Fixed an issue where players could get under the map on Hainan Resort on the beach near the US base. Also fixed an issue where players could hide behind a wall and shoot at other players.

• Fixed an issue where the health/ammo boxes would block the line of sight for the defibrillators.

• Permanent fix for gadget exploit where a user could equip gadgets from different classes.

• Fixed an instance where unlocked China Rising or Second Assault assignments were being shown as if they were not unlocked and no progress had been done.

• Adjusted the red dot reticles for medium and long range sights for the Engineer Class primary weapons.

• Visual Recoil: Close range sights (except iron sights, IRNV and FLIR) and all Medium range sights have been changed to no longer be affected by animation AKA Visual Recoil. The removed random effect has nothing to do with real weapon recoil and doesn’t affect it.

• Vehicle hold or press button for boost option added.

• Added UI options for tweaking the ADS aiming sensitivity. The advanced options are now exposed in a separate advanced control options section.

• Fixed a Commander issue that could cause the cruise missile not to work properly if a flag received a neutral status while the missile was in the air.

• Fix for an issue where opposite teams would initially spawn too close to each other on Team Deathmatch, affecting all maps.

• Obliteration fix for an issue where the round would end while the bomb is armed due to the timer running out.

• Flashbang now dims the HUD when player gets affected by it.

• Fixed an issue on Capture the Flag game mode where the team with the highest number of points wins regardless of flag captures (points should only be counted on a draw).

• Fixed for an issue on Lumphini Garden on Conquest Large game mode where Capturing Flag B while the Commander is under a Proxy Attack will not give the infantry scan asset.

• Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the customization menu while playing Defuse.

• Fixed LMG iron sights fires to reflect last few bullets visibility.

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