Jonathan Blow Reveals Development of The Witness

Jonathan Blow Reveals Development of The Witness


On his personal blog, Jonathan Blow (renowned game creator of indie darling Braid) revealed that The Witness will be his next game to drop.

According to Blow, The Witness is a “very visual” game, but that the visuals aren’t yet representative of what he has planned for the final product. As such, hard details are scant. What we do know is that the game will be “An exploration-puzzle game on an uninhabited island.”

On the game’s official website, it states that the game is “To be released on multiple platforms — whatever makes sense in late 2011…” Also, a somewhat cryptic quote from Dao De Jing (aka Laozi) introduces the simple black and white web page, which can be found below:

Something amorphous and consummate existed before Heaven and Earth.

Solitude! Vast!

Standing alone, unaltering.

Going everywhere, yet unthreatened.

It can be considered the Mother of the World.

I don’t know its name, so I designate it, ‘Tao’.

Compelled to consider it, name it ‘the Great’.

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