Just Cause 3 Takes Place Several Years After its Predecessor

Just Cause 3 Takes Place Several Years After its Predecessor

The sequel to Just Cause 2 was announced during mid-November. The game will be set in a fictional, open-world Mediterranean archipelago.

We’ve recently learned that Just Cause 3 will also be set several years after the events of its predecessor. Just Cause 2’s Rico will still be the main character, but he will be “ significantly aged ” by comparison.

He returns to Medici to fight off another dictator by the name of General Di Ravello, who has set up an oppressive regime. Travelling the size of the map may prove quite difficult, as it’s 400 square miles, but the return of the famous grappling hook and the introduction of a new wingsuit will enable Rico to traverse vast distances in no time–one means of which is free falling from an exceptionally high altitude.

Reportedly, the team behind Just Cause 3 , Avalanche Studios, also want to make all of the game’s main areas available right from the get-go.  Within these areas, Rico has to take over and destroy enemy bases, billboards, loudspeakers and other such propaganda before bringing his own forces to liberate towns to his banner. Once under his control, these towns can then be used for fast travel and as hideouts to lose hostile heat or save vehicles for future supply drops.

It may also be worthy of note that the game now reportedly feels tighter in terms of controls, and several former team members behind the Burnout series worked to ensure that the handling of the game’s vehicles is a lot more fun.

Just Cause 3 is currently slated to release in 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

[ Source(s): Game Informer ]

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