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Land It! Achievements

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Evil deed (10 points): Crash 2 planes into one-another.
    ATC Gold medal (80 points): Land 500 planes overall.
    ATC Silver medal (30 points): Land 200 planes overall.
    Check-in (15 points): Hit 25 checkpoints overall.
    ATC Platinum medal (150 points): Land 1000 planes overal.l
    Travel agent (40 points): Transport 2000 passengers.
    All Stars (150 points): Achieve 3 stars on all levels.
    El Macho (20 points): Fly into a volcano.
    Multitasker (20 points): Have 5 planes under your control at the same time.
    Megatasker (60 points): Have 10 planes under your control at the same time.
    360 (10 points): Fly a full circle with a plane.
    Trespasser (20 points): Spend 15 seconds in the NO-FLY zone in one game.
    No need to Hurry (10 points): Spend over 3 minutes on one level.
    3 of a kind (10 points): Have 3 different types of planes under your control at the same time.
    Clear skies (40 points): Land 5 planes within 15 seconds.
    Close call! (25 points): Fly close to two NPC planes at the same time.
    Local license (20 points): Land 10 planes in one game.
    Regional license (40 points): Land 20 planes in one game.
    International license (80 points): Land 30 planes in one game.
    You are Pro (10 points): Achieve 25000 points in one game.
    Master of the art (20 points): Achieve 75000 points in one game.
    Prodigy (50 points): Achieve 225000 points in one game.
    Emergency landing (30 points): Land a plane within 15 seconds.
    Precision landing (30 points): Land a plane with a single order.
    Rush hour (30 points): Call in all planes in a level within the first 5 seconds of their timer button.
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