The Last Of Us DLC: Dive Deeper into Ellie’s Backstory

The Last Of Us DLC: Dive Deeper into Ellie’s Backstory

The Last of Us Summary

The Last of Us cutscene

Often considered one of the best stories in the medium of video games, The Last of Us is Naughty Dog’s undisputed masterpiece. More than 10 years after its original release in 2013 the game continues to serve as a landmark of storytelling in games while also featuring some incredible stealth action game design. In addition to receiving a sequel in 2020, the events of The Last of Us have also been adapted into a popular television drama produced by and airing on HBO.

The game follows protagonists Joel and Ellie as they trek across a post-apocalyptic America in hopes of discovering a cure for the infection that has decimated humanity. Ellie is the one human to contain an inherent immunity to the infection and may be humanity’s last hope. Along the way, Joel learns to view Ellie like the daughter he lost years prior and becomes adamant about protecting her at all costs. However, between them and their goal lie plenty of threats, both human and otherwise. Ultimately, The Last of Us is a story about love and the lengths that people will go to to protect it.

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The Last of Us DLC – Left Behind

The Last of Us Left Behind DLC

Arriving just a year after the release of The Last of Us, Left Behind is the 2014 expansion to the base game that introduces a younger Ellie and delves into her backstory. Players get to take control of Ellie as she and her friend Riley explore an abandoned mall. In addition to giving players some deeper insight into Ellie’s personality and connection to Riley, the expansion provides the story of how Ellie discovers she is immune to the infection.

After originally releasing as a standalone expansion for the PS3 version of The Last of Us, future versions of the base game have all included the Left Behind expansion. The first of these is The Last of Us Remastered, which includes both the base game and the Left Behind expansion and is upscaled for PS4. Both The Last of Us and Left Behind were also released separately for purchase on PS4 via the PlayStation Network in 2015. The most recent version of The Last of Us is the recent remake for PlayStation 5, The Last of Us Part I, which includes the Left Behind expansion as part of its content.

The Last of Us DLC Checklist

The main content included in the Left Behind DLC is brand new story content that gives players insight into Ellie’s backstory as well as the aftermath of Joel and Ellie’s battle with David’s group in Colorado. The core gameplay is still the same, with many of the mechanics of the base game carrying over untouched. Players must still use stealth to navigate around foes, throw items to create distractions, and use a blend of melee and ranged combat to take down enemies.

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Left Behind Story Content

The new story content in Left Behind shifts between the past and present, and takes place as part of the main narrative of The Last of Us. The flashback sections are more narrative-driven while the scenes where Ellie hunts for medical supplies for Joel reintroduce many of the combat mechanics of the core experience. The flashback scenes take place three weeks before the events of The Last of Us, with Ellie’s best friend Riley surprising her at their military boarding school after running away. Riley tells Ellie that she’s joining the Fireflies — the resistance group trying to take down FEDRA — and that she wants to spend her last night in town together. The two sneak out to explore an abandoned mall and are eventually attacked by infected, causing both Ellie and Riley to get bitten. Ellie discovers she’s immune to the infection.

New Combat Mechanic

The one new combat mechanic in Left Behind is the ability for Ellie to trigger confrontations between infected and human enemies. Players can use throwable items to create distractions and draw different groups of enemies into conflict with one another, either sneaking by in the confusion or waiting to take out any survivors after the fray.

Is The Last of Us DLC Worth the Money?

While the Left Behind expansion doesn’t offer much new in terms of gameplay, the ways that it deepens Ellie’s characterization are meaningful and worthwhile for any fan to experience. The DLC has been celebrated for its portrayal and characterization of LGBT youth and handling of Ellie’s sexuality and relationship with Riley. Additionally, considering that Ellie’s immunity is the initiating event for the entire plot of The Last of Us, the story of how she discovers that immunity is crucial content for players to experience.

The standalone DLC is available for $9.99 USD and is well worth the price of admission for anyone who enjoys The Last of Us‘ narrative. Now that both of the major re-releases of the game include the DLC, there’s no question as to whether or not it’s worth the money as The Last of Us is arguably one of the best PlayStation games and having the Left Behind DLC simply sweetens the deal.

The Last of Us DLC Tips and Tricks

All Artifacts in Left Behind

Artifacts are an important component of both The Last of Us and the Left Behind expansion, revealing critical details about the world and its inhabitants following the infection and decline of civilization. There are 12 new Artifacts for Ellie to find spread out across the 6 chapters of Left Behind, and each one delivers meaningful story bits to players who enjoy deepening their understanding of the game’s world.

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Chapter# of Artifacts
Back in a Flash4
So Close3
Fun and Games1
The Enemy of My Enemy2
Escape from Liberty Gardens0

Back in a Flash – Chapter 1

  • Artifact 01: Combination Note – This artifact is unmissable and necessary to progress the story. Found in the pharmacy while looking for medical supplies.
  • Artifact 02: Pharmacist Key – Required to progress the story and unmissable. After entering the American Princess, loot the nearby clicker.
  • Artifact 03: Pharmacist Note – After looting the Pharmacist Key, Ellie will knock the Pharmacist Note from its pocket.
  • Artifact 04: Salon Note – After Ellie enters the back door of the pharmacy players will see a cutscene. Ellie realizes the medkit is empty and then players regain control of her. Hop through the window ahead and enter the camera shop. At the back of the camera shop is a nail salon and to the left of the salon chairs is a skeleton with the Salon Note in front of it.

Mallrats – Chapter 2

  • Artifact 05: Wanted Poster – At the beginning of the chapter, follow Riley through a hole in a wall. In the first apartment building you explore the Wanted Poster is on the dining table.
  • Artifact 06: Warning Note – After throwing bricks, follow Riley down the maintenance tunnel. After reaching the bottom, take a left through the double doors. The counter at the back of the room is where you’ll find the Warning Note.

So Close – Chapter 3

  • Artifact 07: Atrium Note – At the beginning of the chapter, look for an area with bunk beds. Take a right at the entrance to this area. The Atrium Note is in a pool of blood next to a hacksaw.
  • Artifact 08: Generator Note – In the submerged loading bay, head toward the generator. On the boxes to the left of the generator is the Generator Note.
  • Artifact 09: Atrium Recorder – After turning the power back on and escaping the submerged loading bay, you’ll be back in the atrium. Head through the electrical gate leading to the helicopter, go up the escalator, and head left into a tent. The Atrium Recorder is on the floor next to a matress.

Fun and Games – Chapter 4

  • Artifact 10: Kitchen Note – Head behind the carousel at the beginning of the chapter and look for the Fast Burger restaurant. The Kitchen Note is in the kitchen of Fast Burger.

The Enemy of My Enemy – Chapter 5

  • Artifact 11: Crew Photo – After beginning the chapter, round a corner and look for a doorway with a “Hard Hat Area” sign and a “No Entry” sign. At the end of the passage ahead is the Crew Photo.
  • Artifact 12: Duct Recorder – After fighting the first set of hunters, enter the vent at the end of the path to the right of Octopus Records. Follow the blood trail to a skeleton, with the Duct Recorder right next to it.

Escape from Liberty Gardens – Chapter 6

  • No Artifacts in this chapter
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