Magicians And Looters Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Magicians And Looters Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Magicians And Looters Easy “Blumuwat Massacre” achievement

The pig-like enemies called “Blumuwats” are only found in the West Cliffs area. If you have to return there and do not have Telewarp, use the Toll-A-Warps to reach the pink area on your map located east of Looter Grotto and above Undermountain. There is no Toll-A-Warp that will take you directly to West Cliffs. Kill three Blumuwats to get the “Blumuwat Massacre” achievement.

Easy “Fruit Power” achievement

The purple explosive enemies that are summoned by wizards are “Deathballs”. After completing the game, go east of Morgopolis and continue as if going to the fight against Spud. One of the rooms that must be traversed has Deathballs that you are supposed to run past. Kill the Deathballs with the Fruit spell to get the “Fruit Power” achievement.

Easy “Location, Location, Location” achievement

Play “The Chasm” level, and get on the big bridge. Drop down on the left to land on the precipice that normally is the way back up if you fall down. Drop down from there as well, and stay to the left to land on a second precipice. Walk left through the fake wall to enter the hidden shop and get the “Location, Location, Location” achievement.

Easy “Looters’ Pinata” achievement

Bats can only be found inside the bridge room in The Chasm. Stand on the bridge, and wait until one flies by. Shoot the bat with a fireball as it is flying towards you. Alternately, press [Up] + [Attack] to execute an overhead attack as the bat is passing through you. Collect the candy that comes out of the bat to get the “Looters’ Pinata” achievement.

Easy “Ludicrous Speed” achievement

Reach Level 6 with Nyn to get a +30% speed bonus while blitzed. Equip the Fox (+25% speed while blitzed) and Yin (+35% speed while blitzed) swords. Also, equip the Lightning Anklet (+40% speed while blitzed) and Dancing Anklet (+20% speed). Activate blitz and run to get the “Ludicrous Speed” achievement.

Easy “Tweaker” achievement

Purchase the Melee Eater in the Tapper Tunnels for 4,000 gold. The Melee Eater allows you to earn more blitz time by landing hits while blitzed. Equip Nyn with the Melee Eater because she attacks the fastest and gains bonuses to blitz time as she levels up. Also, equip a second weapon or item that has a bonus to blitz duration, such as The Wolf Tooth, Lightning Anklet, Blue Skull, and Green Rune. Attack while crouched to get blitz the fastest, since the hits will be weak but fast. Attempt this in an area with lots of enemies. Leave and re-enter the room to force the enemies to respawn.

Easy “Wisp Whisperer” achievement

Reach Level 7 with Brett for +1 Wisp. Equip the Spellsword, Runic Shield, and Gristlina on Brett to increase your bonus up to +4 Wisps, allowing five Wisps at the same time to get the “Wisp Whisperer” achievement.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select “Community”, “My profile”, “View all my games”, then the game and view stats.

    Access Denied: Destroy 5 missiles by hitting them.
    Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That: Beat the game in under two hours.
    Beware My Fists: Finish a morg man with Vienna’s Lion Strike.
    Blumuwat Massacre: Kill 3 of these guys.
    Bombing Run: Perform five Falcon Dives without touching the ground.
    Boot Camp Hero: Defeat all four obstacle courses.
    Carrie: Defeat Oraskue with only fireballs.
    Done With This Game: Beat the game with 100% items and 100% map.
    Elevator Music: Kill the Golem without killing any of the eyelors.
    Forgot to Block: Defeat Looter without using the shield.
    French Revolution: Decapitate 100 morg minions.
    Fruit Power: Kill five deathballs with fruit.
    Gnome Hunter: Hunt and kill the most dangerous game.
    Happens to Everyone: Die once to the Red Warlock.
    Here Kitty, Kitty: Find all of Captain Cuddles’ training spots.
    Jacques Cousteau: Find the treasure in the water cavern in the Chasm.
    Karma’s a Blerrrrch: Get looted by an imp, then get your loot back.
    Location, Location, Location: Discover the Hidden Shop.
    Looters’ Pinata: Kill a bat, eat the candy.
    Ludicrous Speed: Run as fast as the game allows.
    Moby Dick: Complete the game with Abridged mode off.
    Pancakes!: Get squished by a door or masher.
    Pop!: Pop a squidly with Brent’s Lunge attack.
    Potato Salad: Beat the game.
    They Had to Die: Kill all the peochs in the Castle Looter Peoch Pit.
    Tweaker: Stay in blitz for 60 seconds straight.
    Victory Lap: Beat the game a second time.
    Will o’ the Wisp: Destroy 5 missiles with wisp.
    Wisp Whisperer: Have five wisps with you at one time.
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