Marvel’s Avengers Cheats for Xbox One

Marvels Avengers cover art

Marvel’s Avengers Cheats for Xbox One

Developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix. Marvel’s Avengers is playable on almost all major platforms including PlayStation 4, Stadia, Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. Marvel’s Avengers 2020 video game was a massive release. For obvious reasons, the Marvel universe has caught the attention of millions worldwide. The game features online co-op, single-player, and multiplayer modes, each with the ability to assemble teams of the leading characters in the title. Not only will players be able to choose their teams, but there is the option for customizable costumes and upgradable powers.

Marvel’s Avengers Premise

Marvel Avengers screenshot of playable characters
Marvels team ready for their mission.

The game is presented through a third-person perspective and features an original story. The game was mainly inspired by the Marvel Comics team, the Avengers, and takes on the storyline of an inhuman teenager, Kamala Khan. Kamala gains superpowers during a celebration for the Avengers team. Five years after Kamala’s newfound powers and a terrorist attack, the science corporation known as A.I.M threatens to destroy all inhuman individuals.

Main Characters

Tony Stark / Iron Man

Steve Rogers / Captain America

Thor Odinson

Bruce Banner / Hulk

Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow

Kamala Khan / Ms.Marvel

Titles in the Marvel’s Avengers Series

Marvels Avengers screenshot of combat
Engaging combat in Marvel’s Avengers.

The Marvel’s Avengers game is a standalone title within the Marvel series. Anyone who knows Marvel knows that the comics, movies, and video game series have all been widely successful as the series started in the 80s and is still going strong with new titles to be released.

Cheats and Trophy Shortcuts

Marvel avenger screenshot
Find cheats and trophy shortcuts below.

Play as Black Widow

Successfully complete the “To Stand Alone” mission to unlock Black Widow.

Play as Captain America

Successfully complete the “Testing…1…2…3” mission, which becomes available towards the end of the campaign, to unlock Captain America.

Play as Iron Man

Successfully complete the “House Call” mission to unlock Iron Man.

Play as Ms. Marvel

Successfully complete the “Snowy Tundra” mission to unlock Ms. Marvel.

Play as The Hulk

Successfully complete the “Snowy Tundra” mission to unlock The Hulk.

Play as Thor

Successfully complete the “Testing…1…2…3” mission, which becomes available towards the end of the campaign, to unlock Thor.

Guaranteed vault coordinates

Vault coordinates are found in Secret SHIELD bases on specific maps. When you are near a hidden SHIELD base, a radar ping will appear on your HUD. Follow it to the hidden switch to access the underground room. In the underground room, grab all the chests and the Vault Coordinates item, which unlocks an additional side mission on your War Table. You will be able to raid the vault in a mission called “Desert Vault”, “Forest Vault”, etc. There are many good rewards in the vaults — so if you are wanting to farm them or if you want to complete Hero Card Challenges requiring secret vaults, this is how to get them. The following are three guaranteed vault coordinate locations.

Day Of the Remains (Pacific Northwest): Go left from the start. There are two SHIELD caches in this mission. Vaults and Elite Vaults are a great way to farm gear on higher difficulty levels. However, remember to increase the challenge rating for a better chance at finding the valuable gold chest.

Our Town (Utah Badlands): Go to the far back left, then enter a cave past the police cars to find the radar signal after exiting through the other side of the cave.

Stark Realities (Pacific Northwest): Go left from the start until you find a radar signal.

Easy legendary gear, resources, units, XP

This farming method is for the post-campaign. After completing the story, you will unlock additional “Avengers Initiative” missions. The best end-game farming mission may be “Day of The Remains”, which is unlocked during the “Reigning Supreme” quest chain. This mission is always available, can be repeated infinitely, and scales to match your level +5. That means the gear that drops in this mission will always be +5 stronger than what you currently have.

Note: Play on Challenge IV for the best possible drops, but it is not required. If you prefer playing at a lower difficulty, this map will still provide lots of drops. You can repeat this mission as many times as desired, and there is no important strategy. The mission can be completed at any level, by any hero. The mission contains lots of resources, caches, Elite enemies, and side quests to complete. Remember to press [Up] on the D-pad to view all the nearby chests and marked side quests. The more of these you complete, the more rewards you earn. The following list are some of the rewards to look out for in this mission.

Elite Bounty Side Quest: x1 Upgrade Module, x1 Legendary / Epic Gear

Main Reward Chest: x1 Vault Coordinates Key, x1 Legendary / Epic Gear, x15 Uru, and random resources

SHIELD Cache: Go left from the start to find a hidden SHIELD Cache. You can get two Vault Coordinates Keys from this mission.

Gold Chest: AIM Facility Side Quest – x75 Units, x1 Upgrade Module, x1 Legendary / Epic Gear, Random Comic / Collectible Drop

Silver Chest: AIM Facility Side Quest (requires Iron Man or Black Widow hacking) — x45 Units, x1 Legendary / Epic Gear

Mission Completion: Possible to get x3 levels worth of XP if you complete all side quests and clear all Elite enemies. Always get x1 Rare Pattern and x1 Legendary / Epic Pym Gear.

This mission contains many Elite enemies that will drop Epic / Legendary gear, 10 Bronze Chests, 1 Silver Chest, 1 Gold Chest, 1 Reward Chest, and each main objective is worth a large XP bonus. Successfully complete all side quests for extra rewards, and visit the SHIELD Cache to get two Vault Coordinate Keys –- one from the SHIELD Cache, and one from the reward chest at the end of the mission. It only takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. The more you learn the layout, the faster you will be able to get through every step, complete the side quests, and check the bronze chest spots.

Status effects

Gear can add special status effects to your articles. There are six different types of status effects —- some have an obvious effect, while others do not. The following is a list of all special status effects.

Cryo Freeze: If an enemy takes enough Cryo damage, they freeze, slowing movement and decreasing the frequency of all actions. Inhibits many defensive abilities altogether.

Cosmic Ionization: If an enemy takes enough Cosmic damage, they become ionized, incurring an increase in damage from incoming attacks while simultaneously boosting Hero willpower.

Electroshock: If an enemy takes enough Shock damage, they become shocked, incurring increased damage from incoming attacks and a greater chance that Critical Attacks will occur.

Gamma Poisoning: If an enemy takes enough Gamma damage, they come poisoned, incurring additional intermittent damage that they spread to nearby enemies. Being defeated while suffering this status effect causes a large Gamma explosion.

Pym Shrink: If an enemy takes enough Particle damage, the Pym Particles cause them to shrink. While reduced in size, enemies deal less damage and take more damage from all attacks.

Plasma Burn: If an enemy takes enough Plasma damage, they burn and are intermittently interrupted from attacking. Some enemies will also be staggered by this effect.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

On the Mountaintop (30 points): Reach Power Level 150 with any Hero.
Back in Business (30 points): Earn a total of 250 Hero Levels across the entire Hero Roster.
Group Effort (25 points): Reach Faction Rank 25 in any faction.
Superhero Business (10 points): Complete 10 assignments.
Team Player (20 points): Reach Hero Level 5 with five different Heroes.
Time to Shine (25 points): Reach Hero Level 50 and purchase all Skills for any Hero.
Tentative Peace (15 points): Complete 15 Villain Sectors.
Gold Star Success (25 points): Complete 100 assignments.
Treasure Trove (20 points):
Open 50 Cache strongboxes.
Honeycomb Hideout (15 points):
Complete five Hive missions.
Former Glory (20 points):
Complete the “Iconic Avengers” mission chain.
Clear Skies (25 points):
Complete the “A Global Offensive” mission chain.
To the Dark and Back Again (30 points):
Complete 50 Hive missions.
Rough and Tumble (10 points):
Reach a combo of 20 hits or higher.
And That’s How It’s Done (10 points):
Defeat 10 or more enemies with a single Heroic ability activation.
Seeing Stars (20 points):
Earn a five-star rating on an objective without any team member taking damage.
Trying on Perfection (20 points):
Earn a 100% rating on a mission without any team member being downed.
Holding It Down (25 points):
Complete 30 War Zones at Challenge III or higher rating.
The Best Around (25 points):
Earn a 100% rating for any War Zone at Challenge IV rating.
More Important Things to Do (25 points):
Complete any mission in under three minutes.
The Best Defense (20 points): Defeat any 20 different enemy types.
Old Fashioned Beat Down (25 points): Complete HARM Challenges I to V.
Prized Collection (15 points): Collect a full comic set.
Information Overload (15 points): Collect 50 intelligence files.
Wanting for Nothing (15 points): Collect 500 gear items.
Odds and Ends (15 points): Collect three Artifacts.
Savior of the People (20 points): Rescue 100 AIM prisoners.
Become Legend (10 points): Equip all Legendary or better gear with any hero.
Fundamentally Flawless (10 points): Defeat 50 enemies with Assault Heroic or Ultimate Heroic abilities.
Muahahahahaha! (20 points): Fully upgrade a major artifact.
Investing in the Future (10 points): Fully upgrade any gear item.
Shopping Spree (10 points):
Purchase an item from two different faction vendors.
Breaking and Entering (15 points): Break into 30 Depots.
A Surprise Every Time (20 points): Open 100 strongboxes.
Truly Elite (25 points): Complete an Elite Heroic Hive.

Marvel’s Avengers FAQ

Is Marvel’s Avengers a difficult game?

Like most video games around the difficulty level can be set by the player. With Easy, Normal, Hard, and Brutal players can chose what level best suits their playing abilities. Something to keep in mind is that changing the difficulty settings will change the enemies power level, attack, and defense strength.

What are some tips for playing the game?

Marvel’s Avengers gameplay flexibility allows for easy going gaming. But, for players looking for tips and tricks to get them ahead in the campaign here are a few to ponder:

  • Play the Reassemble campaign first this will help players get familiar with the story, gameplay mechanics, and characters abilities.
  • Don’t fret looting everything in sight. Players will find plenty of loot that matches their power level as they progress through the game.
  • Unlock running attacks early in the game these will be useful for escaping enemies. There are two running attacks – fast running attack: trips one enemy and a powerful running attack: damages several enemies.
  • Fill the stun meter. The stun meter is filled by hitting enemies with light, heavy, and ranged attacks. When it is full enemies will become vulnerable and take on more damage.
  • Start the Avenger Iconic missions as soon as possible. These are special missions that focus on each hero’s story and personality.
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