Mass Effect 3 Struts Its Stuff

Mass Effect 3 Struts Its Stuff


The Mass Effect 3 demo is live. Are you still with me? Haven’t rushed off to download it yourself yet, and grab and early glance at BioWare’s most-anticipated sequel to date?

Perhaps we should talk, then, about how it includes two missions from the single-player campaign, replete with spoilers. Get a glimpse of Shepard’s continuing story ahead of the game’s release, whet your appetite for what is guaranteed to be a twisting, turning story soaked in desperation.

Then again, maybe you’re like me and have no desire to spoil even a modicum of the plot for yourself. I can respect that, which is why it’s well worth noting that the demo also includes access to a four-player, co-op, multiplayer mode. The early access for this mode also begins today, so those who have played Battlefield 3 online can hop in right away (you lucky dogs, you) while the rest of us will have to twiddle our thumbs until February 17.

Remember, too, that this demo includes bonuses for use in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, adding additional incentive for those with a tremendous stomach for RPGs.

Hopefully, this preview will be enough to tide gamers over until Mass Effect 3 actually hits the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on March 6.

By Shelby Reiches

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