Microsoft Introduces Smart Glass And Everything Changes

Microsoft Introduces Smart Glass And Everything Changes


Microsoft has lifted the veil on a new multiscreen entertainment application it is calling Xbox SmartGlass.

Speaking at Microsoft’s annual E3 press conference, Xbox Live head honcho Marc Whitten showed off the technology, which will allow Xbox 360 users to share content and view information about particular media on separate screens across their smartphones, tablets, and televisions.

For example, Whitten used the SmartGlass app while watching an episode of Game of Thrones. With the new app, he was able to view a live map following the events of the episode on his tablet while the episode was simultaneously airing on his television, adding a new dimension of information to the viewing experience.

Naturally, the app will connect “smart” devices with Xbox games as well. In Madden, for instance, players might be able to design and call plays on a tablet or smartphone, then use those created plays in the 360 game.

Whitten said SmartGlass will be available “with all of your current devices,” which leads us to assume it’ll be available for more than just Windows products. If true, that would certainly go a long way towards getting the tech off the ground.

It must be noted that the app shares striking similarities with Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U tablet, but Microsoft is touting the fact that the platform will not require new proprietary hardware to distinguish itself. However you see it, Xbox SmartGlass is scheduled to launch this fall.

By Jeff Dunn

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