Microsoft’s Commitment for First-Party Exclusives is “Unprecedented,” Says Head of Xbox

Microsoft’s Commitment for First-Party Exclusives is “Unprecedented,” Says Head of Xbox

In an interview with XboxAchievements , Microsoft’s corporate vice president Phil Harrison was asked to comment on the Xbox One’s lack of first party exclusives, of which there are only 17 exclusive titles so far, compared to 27 exclusive titles for Sony’s PlayStation 4.

When asked why Microsoft goes down the route of publishing more third-party titles on the Xbox One, as well as the differences between it and sony’s first-party releases, Harrison responded that he thinks the company can publish titles that are both first- and third-party titles, bringing up Gears of War and other games. What’s more, he assures that the company’s “ commitment to the best first-party experiences is unprecedented.

I’d like to think we do both, ” Harrison expressed to XboxAchievements. “ I’d like to think we have incredible talent in Microsoft Studios building unique, exclusive franchises for Xbox One, whether it’s Forza 5 , which has been one of the highest rated games on the platform, selling incredibly well. Whether it’s Kinect Sports Rivals from the team at Rare, whether it’s Fable Legends coming from Lionhead, whether it’s Quantum Break coming from Remedy. We have just announced that we acquired the Gears of War franchise and are bringing that to Xbox One with one of the most talented teams that we’ve ever seen together in our industry.

So our commitment to the best first-party experiences is unprecedented and we continue to invest, ” he continued. But we are also very fortunate to have the support of the best publishers in the world, whether it’s Electronic Arts, whether it’s Activision, whether it’s Take-Two – they’re all bringing their incredible experiences to our platforms.

Together with the ID@Xbox program, that’s what’s going to deliver the most amazing portfolio of games for the future.

Phil Spencer, who was recently promoted to Head of Xbox , stated via Twitter that Microsoft needs to do more for the company’s Xbox One, given that Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been outselling the console for three months in a row. Spencer also doesn’t believe the Xbox One will be the last console.

What’s more, Microsoft has recently revealed that it has no plans to release further Halo titles onto PC following the launch of Halo: Spartan Assault on Steam. It is also still considering backwards compatibility for Xbox One.

The co-founder of the developer of the Oddworld series, Oddworld Inhabitants, has also stated that the performance between the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 is “ getting comparable. ” Interesting buying your own Xbox One? Check out our Joshua Bruce’s review of the console.

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