MK11 Aftermath Announced, EA Planning More for Switch

Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath Revealed for May 26, 2020 (via press release)

Warner Bros. announced a new expansion DLC package for Mortal Kombat 11 , called Aftermath . This is primarily a story DLC, picking up where things left off in the game’s initial campaign. But the tradition of guest characters continues, and Aftermath is bringing RoboCop along for the ride. He’s even modeled after and voiced by Peter Sellers. New skins and other free updates are also on the way, including the return of Friendships.

EA Plans to Continue Developing for Nintendo Switch (via press release)

EA had its quarterly report this week, which includes a bunch of plans for the future. While many plans aren’t surprising, including making more mobile games, more sports sims,┬ámore Star Wars , and doing some HD remasters, there was one intriguing tidbit. Despite a rocky relationship, EA confirmed it still plans to develop games for the Nintendo Switch, and some surprises are in store.

SNK Does Indeed Smell What The Rock is Cookin’ ( via Twitter )

A lot of Japanese mobile games, especially the ones that want you to pay for chances at new characters, utilize collaboration events to draw in renewed interest. After all, character brand crossovers are a great way to drum up business in gaming. So it makes perfect sense that King of Fighters ALLSTAR , a brawler with some of Japan’s most iconic fighting game characters, is following its Tekken crossover event with a… WWE collab? We have no clue yet which wrestlers are entering the ring here, but at least one hint in the announcement points towards The Rock showing up in some capacity.

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