MLB SlugFest 2006 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Xbox (XB)

MLB SlugFest 2006 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Xbox (XB)

MLB SlugFest 2006 Get someone on fire out

Stand close to the player while they are on base. Then, run to the outfield with Turbo and the runner will try to advance. Throw to the base the runner is trying to advance to with Turbo. You can get him out most of the time.

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Bonus stadiums

Hit an out of the park homerun in the indicated location to unlock the corresponding bonus stadium:

    Atlantis: Hit a homerun in AT&T Park.
    Coliseum: Hit a homerun in Fenway Park.
    Empire: Hit a homerun in Yankee Stadium.
    Forbidden City: Hit a homerun in PetCo Park.
    Rocket Park: Hit a homerun in Minute Made Park.

Bonus teams

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding team:

    Bobble Head: Hit ten homeruns in one game.
    Casey: Hit a triple in Wrigley Field.
    Dolphins: Hit a homerun in Atlantis.
    Eagles: Walk three times in one game.
    Gladiator: Hit a homerun in Coliseum Park.
    Horse: Steal ten times in one game.
    Lion: Hit a homerun with the Lions in Comerica Park.
    Martian: Hit a triple in Rocket Park.
    Minotaur: Hit a homerun in Forbidden City.
    Pinto: Hit a homerun at Busch Field.
    Rodeo Clowns: Perform a double play.
    Tame Evil Clown: Hit a homerun with a Yankee in Empire Park.

Trick pitches

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Press the indicated buttons before a pitch is thrown to perform the corresponding trick pitch:

When a fastball is selected:

    Buzz: Press Down, Left, Up, A, B, A
    Cutter: Press Left, Down, Right, A
    Fireball: Press A(3)
    Freight Train: Press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, A(2)
    Rising Fastball: Press Down, Up, A
    Spazz: Press Left, Right, B, X

When a slider is selected:

    Backdoor Slider: Press Right, Down, Left, X, B
    Lights Out: Press Up, Left, Down, Up, Down, A
    Mr. Snappy: Press Left, Down, A(2)
    Screwball: Press Right, Up, Left, X, Y
    Slurve: Press Up, Left, Down, A

When a sinker is selected:

    Bobber: Press Y, Up, A, Down, Y
    Bouncer: Press Up, A, Down, A
    Gyroball: Press B, A, X, A, Y

When a changeup is selected:

    Circle Change: Press Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, A, Y
    Eephus: Press Up, Y, Up, Y, Up, Y
    Loop-D-Loop: Press A, Up, Down, A
    String Puller: Press Up(4)

When a curve is selected:

    Bell Curve: Press Up, Down, A
    Rockabye: Press Right, Down, Left, Down, Right, A
    Sweeper: Press A(2), Left, Down, Right

When a knuckler is selected:

    EKG: Press Y, B, A, Y, B
    Flutterby: Press X, B, Y, A
    Whizzer: Press Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right

When a spiltter is selected:

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    Cobra: Press Left, Down, Right, A, Right, Down, Left, A
    Dive Bomber: Press Y(2), Down, A(2)
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