Modern Warfare 3 Stolen/Leaked

Modern Warfare 3 Stolen/Leaked


Pirated video games have become extraordinarily common these days, and it’s probably safe to assume that Modern Warfare 3 is the torrent that most pirates are itching to download. Well, it looks like they may get their chance. According to VentureBeat, a copy of Activision’s PC version of Modern Warfare 3 has been stolen from a shipping company and copies have been making their way around California.

Technically, the thief only got part of the game (disk 2 of the 2-disk set), but that hasn’t stopped him from copying it several times and handing the disks out to all of his pirate friends.

This type of situation isn’t foreign to the people at Activision. The same thing happened during Modern Warfare 2’s release, and again during last year’s Black Op’s release.

This time, the publisher has been using the same semi-effective containment tactics that they used last time around. Investigators working for Activision have been knocking on doors politely asking people to turn over their copy of the game and remove it from their hard drive. If that doesn’t work, gamers are asked to pay a fine of $5,000, which seems like a lot of money to pay in order to get the game 2 weeks early.

One of the pirates posted a message on Craigslist yesterday attempting to warn any would-be purchasers: “They will come get you,” the post reads. “You will be fined $5,000.” Adding “I already went through it.”

By Josh Engen

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