Pokémon: Lillie’s Biography, Facts, and Trivia

Pokémon: Lillie’s Biography, Facts, and Trivia

First appearing in Pokémon Sun and Moon, Lillie is a Professor Kukui’s assistant in this installment of the Pokémon franchise. We’ll be exploring her biography, some facts about the character and trivia in this article.


Lillie made her first appearance in the demonstration of Pokémon Sun and Moon. When players headed to the Ten Carat Hill, they stumbled upon her character model. Specifically, whenever they arrived to the Ten Carat Hill during Saturday evenings. Some players highlighted that when they were staring at the sky, they also noticed an unknown item hiding inside of Lillie’s bag.

She makes yet another appearance in the introduction of the game, which is a cutscene that takes place three months prior to the beginning of the events that unfold during Pokémon Sun and Moon. In the cutscene, she is running away from Aether Paradise only to be corned by three employees. Thankfully, Cosmog teleported them outside of the paradise. After the incident, she was found by Professor Kukui right on time, and he offered Lillie a place to stay as well as mentorship.

Three months later (at the start of the events of the game canonically), Lillie can be found by players entering the Ruins of Conflict. Unfortunately, Cosmog escaped from her bag, causing her to be concerned. This particular Cosmog — nicknamed “Nebby”– is attacked all of a sudden by three Spearows, and it is then that the player’s character arrives to the scene. Lillie gives the player character one mission: to save Cosmog. The bridge that the party was atop of broke, but a character named Tapu Koko saves the player’s character in the game. Lillie thanks the player for their contributions, and proceeds to ask them if it is possible to lead her, as she is not a Pokémon trainer. This is when she finally, for the first time in the game, introduces herself as Professor Kukui’s assistant. Then, when the characters get back into the town, Lillie tells Hala and Professor Kukui the events that transpired involving the player character.

This is when the player is finally given the option to choose their first starter Pokémon in this installment of the franchise.

When players defeat the Elite Four and are at the Festival, Lillie asks them to sneak into the Ruins of Conflict. The goal is to thank Tapu Koko for saving the player initially. After the player’s character concludes their battle with Tapu Koko, they then head back to the Festival together. Next, players see a scene showcasing Hau running towards the character’s house and proceeding to warn them about an imminent danger. This will make the player character and Hau to arrive at the dock in order to learn that Lillie is going to leave the Kanto region. According to Lillie, the reason she is leaving is to help her mother to become a real Pokémon trainer and meet the diverse cast of Pokémon available in the Kanto region.

This leads the player character and Professor Kukui to wave goodbye, as Lillie sails off towards the Kanto region to assist her mother. Although Hau is still upset that Lillie left to the Kanto region, during the credits the game reveals that all of the main characters of Pokémon Sun and Moon sent Lillie a package with images showcasing what daily life in Alola is like. Additionally, they send her a letter on top of an Island Trial charm from the region. Lillie shows gratitude for both of the gifts, and highlights how it was thanks to the smiles of her friends that she went to the Kanto region. Following this display of gratitude, a cutscene reveals that the opened package has a picture of the player character, Lillie and Hau sitting together when Rotom the Pokémon took a picture on their way to the Hau’oli City.

Lillie then makes an appearance in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon–not to be confused with Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. In this installment of the Pokémon franchise, her role is very similar to that of the original Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon of helping Professor Kukui as an assistant. However, there is a key difference, which is that when Nebby evolves it fused with Necrozma — thus, triggering a escape through the Ultra Wormhole after they were defeated by the player character. It is revealed that Lillie became a Pokémon trainer, like the player character, but she cannot be challenged in any point of the game unlike other non-playable characters. Her primary role is to serve as an ally to the player character in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon.

Once the player character becomes the Champion and after they take care of the invasion caused by Team Rainbow Rocket, Lillie appears in front of the player character’s house, asking them to head over to Aether Paradise with her so as to find out what transpired after an Ultra Wormhole appeared all of a sudden. While at an interview with Lusamine, after Wicke states that Team Rainbow Rocket dominated Aether Paradise, the player character and Lillie have the option to fight against Faba and another employee in a Multi Battle.

In the aftermath of the Team Rainbow Rocket episode, inside of Professor Kukui’s house, Lillie will ask the player character that it is her wish to be their partner at Battle Tree.


  • First appearing in Pokémon Sun and Moon, Lillie is a Professor Kukui’s assistant.
  • Players note Lillie’s outfit changes depending on her goals. Although most companions in the Pokémon universe have a tendency to use the same outfits repeatedly, with a few exceptions when they are dressing up or preparing for a competition or contest
  • In the Pokémon franchise, Lillie is shown to dislike Pokémon or show a degree of fear towards them. It turns out that she has always had a deep love towards Pokémon, but was unable to express it. Due to a traumatic event that happen when she was young, Lillie is not able to touch Pokémon out of fear associated with it. Even so, she leaves food for Pokémon to eat, and is able to work with the creatures.
  • Her name is a reference to the lily flower, and her character design displays it. There are ruffles and embroidery patterns representing the petals of a lily flower.
  • Throughout the franchise, it is revealed that Lillie is a fast learner who can understand concepts simply through observation.
  • It is believed by players and Pokémon fans that Lillie’s father passed away when she was young. When studying the Ultra Wormholes, Lillie’s father is accidentally pulled toward one of the wormholes. Her father is presumed dead by fans of the franchise after the incident. Tapu Fini, in particular, has been unable to contact his spirit even when Gladio asked the deity to contact his spirit as he was believed to be alive somewhere. After the reawakening of Magearna, Lillie and Gladio realized that something shoots a purple beam in the direction of Mohn’s picture. Together, with their mother, Lillie and Gladion realized that it is possible that they may know where Lillie’s father is located — and where they could possibly find him.
  • Due to a lack of communication, Lillie’s relationship with Gladion suffers after they did not communicate while they were younger.
  • The first person at the Trainer School to talk to Lillie is Sophocles.
  • Lillie would not have been able to overcome her fear of Pokémon if not for the actions of Ash.
  • As of the writing of this article, Lillie only has two Pokémon partners: Snowy and Magearna.
  • Currently, Lillie is the third main character in the Pokémon franchise shown to have nicknamed her Pokémon as it is not a common practice. However, it is an essential part of the Pokémon trainer experience — but it is less common in the anime, specifically.


  • It was revealed that Lillie owns a makeup bag as well as a case for her lens.
  • Lillie is a Professor Kukui’s assistant since her introduction.
  • She refers to her new outfit as her, “Z-Powered form” in the game.
  • Lillie owns a diary, and it can be read by the player character after they defeat the Elite Four. Inside of the diary, Lillie mentions that Alola has, at the time of writing, no “gym leaders” or “an Elite Four.” Though this has led some players to believe that Lillie may be originally from a different region that is not Alola, since it was contradictory for her to not be familiar with the concept of Gym Leaders.
  • Originally, Lilie’s haristyle before she altered her physical appearance was noted by players to resemble Nihilego.
  • She stands at 151 cm tall, or 4’11.

That’s all the information we have on Lillie for now, we hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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