Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Review: 5 Reasons To Buy

Ultra Sun Ultra Moon

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Review: 5 Reasons To Buy

Ultra Sun/Moon are enhanced versions of Sun/Moon, akin to previous titles like Platinum and Crystal. These third games add more content and fix problems players had with the first two, usually adjusting pacing or bugs and glitches. As the final Pokemon game on the 3DS before the transition to the Nintendo Switch, Ultra Sun/Moon are excellent examples of what a Pokemon game should be.

While they may not have made massive adjustments from the base game, the small tweaks and fixes felt big in their own right. Upgrading from Sun/Moon to Ultra Sun/Moon may not feel great, but starting on the enhanced version makes for a perfect experience. Today, we’re breaking down this experience and give you five reasons why you should play Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon.    

Ultra Sun Ultra Moon

Storyline Changes

The story is one of players’ most common complaints with the original releases. Not that it was bad – it’s one of the most focused and in-depth stories in the series, but the pacing was slow. The beginning of the game was almost unplayable for replays because of the unskippable cutscenes.    

Ultra Sun/Moon fixes the issue slightly and will quickly grow as the story progresses. This is done with the help of the Ultra Recon Squad, a mysterious group that expands the narrative and constantly shows up throughout the game. After getting off the first island, players won’t be bogged down so much with cutscenes every few minutes. 

The story change also expands on the legendary Pokemon Necrozma and its connection with the Ultra Recon Squad. Players can also explore Ultra Wormholes, allowing them to battle Ultra Beasts and Legendary Pokemon while learning about their connection to Alola.

While not spoiling too much for old fans of the series, a new Team Rocket is also introduced. Their storyline will blow your mind, making you feel nostalgic, all while examining alternate realities. So, it’s true that the start of the game is slow, like the originals, but they quickly get more dramatic until the final climax, which is worth the investment.     

New Pokemon 

A big reason players buy a new Pokemon game is the Pokemon themselves. Without them, the games would become so identical you couldn’t tell them apart. Unfortunately, like most enhanced versions, dozens or hundreds of new Pokemon aren’t added. However, the new Pokemon they add are some of the best in the game. 

These include new Ultra Beasts like Stakataka, Poipole, and Blacephelon, plus new forms for Necrozma with Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings. Dozens of older Pokemon were added to the regional Pokedex, expanding the title even more.     

At the time of release, Ultra Sun/Moon had every single Pokemon in existence and were the first games to add Pokemon in the middle of their Generation. That doesn’t mean you can catch every Pokemon in the game, but with trading and catching, the Pokedex could be filled with every Pokemon. 

This feature alone is reason enough to play as it was unlike anything seen then and still is unseen today. The game is a must-have for completionists, as you can spend hundreds of hours completing the Pokedex, which is very satisfying. 

Ultra Sun Ultra Moon Ultra Wormhole

Totem Stickers 

Totem Stickers are shiny stickers scattered around the islands for players to find and collect. While most you can find just by playing the game normally, others are hidden and require you to move objects or stand in specific areas. This adds an exciting background quest that is always present throughout the game. 

Finding a totem sticker doesn’t just mean adding them to a collection. After collecting certain amounts, up to 100, players will be rewarded with Totem Pokemon. These can be acquired from Samson Oak at Heahea Beach.

Totem Pokemon are larger versions of their original counterparts and change some moves and abilities. These are fun variants to use in battle and encourage you to use some Pokemon you may never have in the first place.    


Many quality-of-life improvements for Ultra Sun/Moon make them much better to play than the originals. Instead of trying to explain how each one made the game better, they can speak for themselves, and you decide if they are worth the upgrade. Many of these features eliminate common headaches or roadblocks players had to deal with in the originals. 

  • Faster Text Speed – The text speed was increased, allowing players to get through conversations quickly. 
  • Rotom Dex – The Rotom Dex gives players more useful tips, tricks, and information throughout the game.
  • EV Training – The games introduced SOS Battles, which made it easier for players to EV train their Pokemon. 
  • Festival Plaza – The level of festival facilities no longer resets, making it easier to level up and access various resources. 
  • Move Tutors – Move Tutors allow players to teach their Pokemon additional moves that were not available in the original games. 
  • Leveling – Exp. Share is automatically turned on at the start of the game. This makes it easier to level your Pokemon team than level them up individually. 
  • Map Navigation – The Rotom Dex highlights important locations and points of interest.
  • Move Deleters – They allow players to forget HMs and other moves they no longer need.
Ultra Sun Ultra Moon

Ultra Wormhole

As mentioned, Ultra Wormholes were added to the game, altering the storyline. Professor Mohn discovered Ultra Wormholes, unstable connections from the Pokemon world to space. These warp holes can be found all over Alola, adding one of the Pokemon franchise’s most unique and fun features. 

In Ultra Sun/Moon, players can travel through these wormholes to discover new areas in Ultra Space. Throughout these travels, players can capture Ultra Beasts and rare Pokemon not found in Alola. The further players travel, the more chances for rarer and shiny Pokemon increase. 

While fans of the games know about the Warp Ride, they make US/UM a unique experience for new players. This feature adds limitless potential to the world of Pokemon and creates an unlimited amount of alternate realities.

The Ultra Wormholes also started to appear in other titles, such as Pokemon GO and Masters EX. They have also been encountered in the anime, proving just how much of an impact they made to the series as a whole. 


If you haven’t played the original Sun/Moon, Ultra Sun/Moon is a must-play. The emphasis on story is something the franchise needed long ago, and the games perfectly capture how effective they can be, albeit slow in the beginning.

 If you are interested in Pokemon games with more story instead of just battles but don’t have a 3DS, Legends: Arceus and Scarlet/Violet on the Switch are perfect options. Pokemon Scarlet/Violet tells three stories while providing the classic eight Gym Battles experience.        

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