Pokemon Sun and Moon Has a Pokemon Snap Mini-Game

Pokemon Sun and Moon Has a Pokemon Snap Mini-Game

Nintendo keeps letting all these amazing details about Pokemon Sun and Moon slip out via promotional videos. A new one was released yesterday and it’s pretty huge. In addition to revealing the Alolan form of Raticate, a dark/normal variation of the familiar face, the Type: Null normal type artificial Pokemon, the Jangmo-o dragon type Pokemon, and the UB-01 Ultra Beast, it also announced a new faction, Zygarde Cube collection, the Poke Finder Rotom Pokedex feature, and the time difference between the two games.

Let’s start by watching the new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer, so you can see all the new characters.

The Aether Foundation is the anti-Team Skull. It’s a group that has an artificial island and wants to protect Pokemon. They focus on healing and sheltering ones in danger and actively fight against Team Skull to prevent Pokemon abduction and assaults. It’s led by Lusamine, with Faba as a second-in-command, Wicke as an assistant branch chief, and multiple employees.

Zygarde Cores and Cells are items you can collect to try and find the legendary Pokemon. Pokemon X and Y’ s Dexio and Sina will show up in Pokemon Sun and Moon to give you a Zygarde Cube to collect these bits and pieces. Find enough and you’ll find that Pokemon!

Poke Finder is Pokemon Sun and Moon’ s Pokemon Snap feature. When you’re venturing around Alola, you may get an opportunity to take a picture of a Pokemon. These will be shared with people around the in-game world. Take good pictures, and you’ll unlock new features. The one upgrade mentioned is the ability to zoom in.

Finally, there will be a major time difference in Pokemon Sun and Moon . In Pokemon Sun , it will daytime in-game when it’s daytime in the real world. However, in Pokemon Moon, it will be night in your game when it’s daytime in the real world. There’s a 12 hour delay. Isn’t that cool? It’s also only one of the differences between the two games.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is really sounding like one of the most innovative Pokemon games we’ve had in some time. I can’t wait for it to appear on November 18. Can you?

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