Pokemon Sun and Moon Leaks Show a New Raichu (UPDATE)

Pokemon Sun and Moon Leaks Show a New Raichu (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Pokemon has released the official trailer, now embedded below.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is looking more and more amazing as time passes. It seems like an exciting game, and a new leak makes things even more interesting. Following a Japanese announcement that showcased a number of new Pokemon and Alola forms, a leak ahead of the US August 12 announcements have revealed even more characters and official names. Most exciting of which is an Alola form of Raichu that is an electric/psychic type.

In fact, let’s start there. This Raichu seems inspired by the Surfing Pikachu, as he appears to be surfing on his tail. His ability is Surge Surfer, which doubles his speed when the Electric Terrain move is active. He’s smaller and cuter than a typical Raichu, which is a good look for him.

Two more Pokemon Sun and Moon critters were announced in the leak too. Pyukumuku is a water type with the Innards Out ability. Said skill allows it to shoot its guts out like a fist from its mouth. That’s… appealing. It also was confirmed in Coro Coro , which adds legitimacy to the leak. Morelull is a grass and fairy type that looks like a cluster of mushrooms. It can come with either the Effect Spore or Illuminate abilities.

Finally, this Pokemon leak offers English names for characters we learned about earlier this week. Yowashi, the fish that can shift between a single fish and a school, is Wishiwashi. Team Skull remains Team Skull, and the leader remains Guzma, but second-in-command Plumeri is really Plumeria.

While we’ll have to wait for the full trailer on Friday to be sure, a part of it showing Wishiwashi has leaked. Watch it and ponder these Pokemon Sun and Moon developments! (UPDATE: This is now the official trailer.)

Source: Reddit

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