Six More Pokemon Sun and Moon Characters Introduced

Six More Pokemon Sun and Moon Characters Introduced

It’s a big day for Pokemon fans, and not because of Pokemon Go ! It’s because of some great Pokemon Sun and Moon announcements. Six more of the cuddly creatures have been revealed, as well as information on the updated Pokemon Global Link and Hyper Training, a means of continuing to boost the stats of Pokemon who’ve reached their max levels. It’s a good day to love Pokemon .

First, let’s go through Pokemon Sun and Moon ‘s latest additions to the cast. Here’s a list of the new critters we’ll be able to catch and train in the Alola region.

  • Bewear: a Normal/Fighting type with the Fluffy or Klutz ability. Fluffy is new and will half damage from physical attacks that make direct contact, but double damage from Fire-type attacks.
  • Bounsweet: a Grass type with either the Leaf Guard or Oblivious ability.
  • Comfey: a Fairy type Pokemon that will know either Flower Veil or the new Triage ability. Triage prioritizes healing moves.
  • Mimikyu: a Ghost/Fairy type with the Disguise ability. This is a new ability that lets it dodge one attack, changing its appearance in the process.
  • Mudsdale: a Ground type Pokemon that has the Own Tempo or Stamina ability. Stamina is entirely new and increases Mudsdale’s defense by one after being hit by an attack.
  • Wimpod: a Bug/Water Pokemon with the new Wimp Out ability. Wimp Out will make it run from battle automatically, swapping with another Pokemon during a trainer battle, when its health drops below half.

Here’s a trailer showing off these new precious babies.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will make bottle caps as valuable in Pokemon as they are in Fallout . In the past, Pokemon who hit level 100 were done, with individual strengths unable to climb any higher. By collecting bottle caps in the Aloha region, you can take them to Mr. Hyper and put level 100 Pokemon through Hyper Training to make them even better.

Finally, the Pokemon Global Link will end service for all games other than Pokemon Sun and Moon after the new 3DS games are released. We’ll be able to host our own Friendly Competitions with friends. Online Competitions, which matches you with other trainers, and Live Competitions, which let you participate in a tournament at the same time in a same space, can also be arranged. It’s all about giving people more opportunities to battle.

Basically, Pokemon Sun and Moon are continuing to grow. They’re looking super exciting! It’s a shame we have to wait until November 18 to play.

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