Snom Evolution Guide: Stats, Moves, Type, And Location

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Snom Evolution Guide: Stats, Moves, Type, And Location

Pokemon has been around since 1996 and hit gamers worldwide in 1998. The franchise is now almost thirty years old! There are 122 games over nine generations of releases. Each of those games has essentially an entirely new set of Pokemon. With so many years and hundreds of Pokemon already in existence, it’s hard to imagine that any could stand out more than the rest at this point. The truth is that aside from the new Pokemon, every game is basically the same. 

Pokemon Basics

Pokemon is based on the exploration of a region in a top-down view. While exploring, players will encounter wild monsters called Pokemon. Players can then catch and train the monsters as their own pets, protectors, and fighters. Along the way, other NPC trainers have their own Pokemon and want to battle theirs against yours. Your goal is to travel the region, catch and train as many Pokemon as possible, and eventually become the greatest trainer in the world. So, new interesting Pokemon are necessary to keep their discovery, unique moves, and battling abilities exciting.

The love for meeting and catching these new Pokemon has kept the franchise just as popular as ever. There are many fun and useful new Pokemon in every game, and each player will also have their personal favorites for one reason or another. Sometimes, though, there are Pokemon that everyone loves because they are just that cute or advantageous to use.

The Ice Bug

In 2019, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield dropped from developer Game Freak and publishers The Pokemon Company and Nintendo. Including the later-released Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass additionsthe game’s Pokedex contains over 400 Pokemon! Some of these are returning favorites like Mudkip and Magmar, but there are also some new faces. Among these new Pokemon is the first dual type of its kind and instant fan favorite, Snom.

Meet Snom!

Snom Pokemon card reaiistic

Snom is the first Ice/Bug Pokemon, which makes it pretty unique considering there are over 1000 Pokemon in existence and 100 of them are at least partially Bug type. Aside from the unique typing, which can often give players advantages over other types, Snom is also adorable. Some Pokemon aren’t that useful when it comes to battle, but when they look like Snom, they don’t have to be.

Snom is a small white larva-looking Pokemon. It seems to have an icy shell around most of its body with unintimidating ice spikes. It has a plain white head with simple small dot black eyes. Underneath its body are four small legs. It’s about a foot tall and usually weighs around 8 pounds. 

The Pokedex, which details all the Pokemon’s stats and information in it’s entirety, states:

  • “It eats snow that piles up on the ground. The more snow it eats, the bigger and more impressive the spikes on its back grow.”
  • “It spits out thread imbued with a frigid sort of energy and uses it to tie its body to branches, disguising itself as an icicle while it sleeps.”
  • “It eats snow that has accumulated on the ground. It prefers soft, freshly fallen snow, so it will eat its way up a mountain, aiming for the peak.” 
  • “Within its internal organs, Snom amplifies the frigid air it gets from eating snow and then uses this amplified air to create icicle-like spikes.”

As an Ice/Bug-type, Snom is weak against the following Pokemon and move types:

  • Flying (2 times the normal damage)
  • Rock(4 times the normal damage)
  • Steel (2 times the normal damage)
  • Fire (4 times the normal damage)

Snom is resistant to the following types:

  • Ground (½ times the normal damage)
  • Grass (½ times the normal damage)
  • Ice (½ times the normal damage)

Snom is damaged normally against the following types: 

  • Normal
  • Fighting 
  • Poison
  • Bug
  • Ghost
  • Water
  • Electric
  • Psychic
  • Dragon
  • Dark
  • Fairy

Snom’s base stats are as follows:

HP: 30

Attack: 25

Defense: 35

Special Attack: 45

Special Defense: 30

Speed: 20

Stats Total: 185

Snom’s stats are fairly low in comparison to most other Pokemon. It’s not surprising, though, as Snom is physically pretty small and a Bug-type. Its total stats closely put its power level between Pokemon like Azurill and Blipbug or Sunkern. Luckily, just like those Pokemon, Snom has an Evolution with the same unique dual type, but it raises its power and usefulness.

Snom Moves

Snom Pokedex image

Snom has a unique special Ability that protects it when in battle. It’s Ability, Shield Dust, coats Snom in a protective dust that defends against the additional effects of moves. This ability will save Snom from taking excess damage or getting incapacitated due to a move’s extra harmful effects. 

Snom’s additional Ability is a Hidden one called Ice Scales. This Ability cuts damage from special moves in half but doesn’t have any effect on direct damage from an attack. 

Snom Moves when caught

Powder SnowIceSpecial1004025Inflicts damage with a 10% chance to freeze the opponent
– 50% move power increase from same-type attack bonus
Struggle BugBugSpecial1005020Inflicts damage to adjacent targets and lowers their Special Attack by one stage
-50% move power increase from same-type attack bonus

Snom Moves learned with a TM(Technical Machines)

TM21RestPsychicStatusNANA10Your Pokemon heals completely and sleeps for 2 turns
TM24SnoreNormalSpecial5010015Used when asleep. 30% chance of causing the opponent to flinch
TM25ProtectNormalStatusNANA10Protects the user for a turn
TM27Icy WindIceSpecial559515Lower’s the Speed of the opponent
TM31AttractNormalStatusNA10015Pokemon are less likely to atatck if the opposite gender
TM39FacadeNormalPhyscial7010020If burned, paralyzed, or poisoned the power doubles
TM51Icicle SpearIcePhysical2510030Can hit between 2-5 times in a single turn
TM76RoundNormalSpecial6010015Power will increase if teammates use this ability in the same turn

Snom Moves learned with a TR(Technical Record)

TR20SubstituteNormalStatusNANA10Creates a decoy that can take hits using HP
TR26EndureNormalStatusNANA10Always left with 1 HP when hit
TR27Sleep TalkNormalStatusNANA10While sleeping, this Pokemon will perform one of it’s moves
TR61Bug BuzzBugSpecial9010010Can lower the Special Defense of the opponent


When it comes to finding a Snom, they are only located in a few areas in Pokemon Sword and Shield. One of the easiest and earliest ways is once you can access Route 8, also known as Steamdrift Way. There is a snowy and grassy area South of the city of Circhester that Snom has a 40% chance of spawning in. There are a few patches of grass there where Snom will often pop up and wander around during any type of weather. Simply wait for one to spawn, and then you can interact with and try to catch it. 

Snom also can appear periodically in other locations, but it will not be as easy to spot, and some rely on certain weather conditions. You can randomly encounter a catchable Snom in these locations by walking in the grass and stumbling upon the Pokemon. 

Hidden in grass Snom locations:

  • Route 10 near the Station in any weather
  • Lake of Outrage while snowing
  • Route 10 not near the Station in any weather


While Snom is adorable and has it’s own particular set of moves, there is the option to evolve it. You must do a few things to take Snom to the next level. It’s best to wait until your Snom is about level 41 or 42 to optimize its evolution. As you work on getting to this level, you’ll also want to level up your friendship with the Pokemon since Snom can evolve once you share a high friendship level. 

To increase your friendship, you should:

  • Play with your Snom in your camp
  • Keep Snom in your party and use them in battles
  • Make Snom delicious curry at the camp
  • Use a Luxury or Friend Ball when you first catch Snom
  • Allow Snom to hold the Sooth Bell

To check your friendship level, go to the city of Hammerlock and enter the building to the right of the Pokemon Center there. Inside the center is a boy towards the right you must speak with. He’ll tell you your current friendship status with your Pokemon. To evolve Snom, the boy must say that you are at least “pretty good friends”.

Once your friendship level is high with Snom, you must wait for Nighttime. Once it turns to night, then Snom will suddenly evolve on its own into Frosmoth.


Frosmoth Pokedex image

After Snom’s evolved, you won’t be able to revert it, but instead, your larva will blossom into a magnificent moth. Snom’s evolution is Frosmoth, a similarly white Pokemon that resembles a classic furry moth with long, wispy eyebrows. Frosmoth has a more serious than cute design than Snom, but it’s still an impressive-looking Ice/Bug-type Pokemon. Frosmoth is the fully realized version of Snom as well; therefore, it has many more moves and much stronger stats. 

Frosmoth Stats

HP: 70

Attack: 65

Defense: 60

Sp. Attack: 125

Special Defense: 90

Speed: 65

Stats Total: 475

Frosmoth’s stats, in contrast to Snom’s, put it on the high end of Pokemon base stats. Pokemon with stats similar to Frosmoth include Gastrodon, Scolipede, and Crustle. It shares the same type with Fosmoth and, therefore, the same effectiveness. It also has the same special Abilities, Shield Dust, and Ice Scales. It has quite a few more options, though, regarding move choices.

0Icy WindIceSpecial559515Lower’s the Speed of the opponent
1Powder SnowIceSpecial4010025Inflicts damage with a 10% chance to freeze the opponent
– 50% move power increase from same-type attack bonus
1Struggle BugBugSpecial5010020Inflicts damage to adjacent targets and lowers their Special Attack by one stage
– 50% move power increase from same-type attack bonus
1Helping HandNormalStatusNANANABoosts an ally’s power of attack
1AttractNormalStatusNA10015Pokemon are less likely to attack if the opposite gender
4Stun SporeGrassStatusNA7530Paralyzes the target
8InfestationBugSpecial2010020The target is attacked by an infestation for 4-5 turns and can’t flee
12MistIceStatusNANA30Provides protection from any enemy status attack
16DefogFlyingStatusNANA15A wind blows away the target’s barriers and lower’s target’s evasiveness
21Feather DanceFlyingStatusNA10015Cover the opponent with feathers that lowers its Attack stat
24Aurora BeamIceSpecial6510020A rainbow beam that may lower the target’s Attack stat
28HailIceStatusNANA10Summon a hail storm for 5 turns it damages all Pokemon that aren’t Ice
32Bug BuzzBugSpecial9010010Can lower the Special Defense of the opponent
36Aurora VeilIceStatusNANA20Reduces damage from physical and special moves for 5 turns. Only available during hailstorms
4440BlizzardIceSpecial110705Blizzard attacks the opponent and may freeze them
44TailwindFlyingStatusNANA15A wind increases the Pokemon and its allies Speed stats for 4 turns
48Wide GuardRockStatusNANA10Protection from wide-ranging attacks for one turn for the Pokemon and its allies
52Quiver DanceBugStatusNANA20Boosts the user’s Speed, Special Defense and Special Attack

Frosmoth Moves learned through TM

TM08Hyper BeamNormalSpecial150905Must wait a turn to recharge
TM09Giga ImpactNormalPhysical150905Charge the opponent with full power. Frosmoth can’t move on the next turn
TM17Light ScreenPsychicStatusNANA30Reduces damage from Special moves for 5 turns
TM18ReflectPsychicStatusNANA20Reduces damage from Physical moves for 5 turns
TM19SafeguardNormalStatusNANA25Protects your Pokemon and allies from status conditions for 5 turns
TM21RestNormalStatusNANA10Restores HP and sleeps for two turns
TM24SnoreNormalSpecial5010015While asleep 30% chance of making opponent flinch
TM25ProtectNormalStatusNANA10Protects Frosmoth for attacks for a turn
TM28Giga DrainGrassSpecial7510010Heals Frosmoth half of the damage dealt
TM39FacadeNormalNormal7010020Increases allies power for the remainder of the turn
TM44ImprisonPsychicStatusNANA10Frosmoth can’t use any moves it knows
TM46Weather BallNormalSpecial5010010Doubles the power and changes type depending on the weather condition
TM51Icicle SpearIceSpecial3710030Hits opponent 2-5 times
TM56U-turnBugPhysical10510020Frosmoth will sub out after dealing damage
TM64AvalancheIcePhysical9010010If Frosmoth is damaged this turn it hits for double damage
TM76RoundNormalSpecial6010015If Round has already been used it deal double damager. All other Pokemon will use Round immediately afterward
TM78AcrobaticsFlyingPhysical5510015If no items are held, Frosmoth does double damage
TM96Air SlashFlyingSpecial75952030% chance to cause opponent to flinch

Moves learned through a TR

TR05Ice BeamIceSpecial13510010Chance to freeze opponent
TR18Leech LifeBugPhysical12010010Frosmoth is healed for half the damage dealt to target
TR20SubstituteNormalStatusNANA10Creates a decoy using HP that can takes hits
TR26EndureNormalStatusNaNA10Always left with at least 1 HP when hit
TR27Sleep TalkNormalStatusNANA10Performs one of its moves while asleep
TR49Calm MindPsychicStatusNANA20Increase Special Attack and Special Defense
TR89HurricaneFlyingSpecial1107010Chance to confuse opponent
TR90Play RoughFairyPhysical909010Chance to lower opponent’s Attack stat
TR92Dazzling GleamFairySpecial8010010Hits all adjacent targets
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