Cha-Ching! The Most Expensive Buys in Grand Theft Auto Online

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Cha-Ching! The Most Expensive Buys in Grand Theft Auto Online

GTA Online comes free with every Grand Theft Auto 5 purchase available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X\S, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows. Once you’re in the game, though, you’ll have to earn your money the hard way. While you can have fun without a lot of cash, there are plenty of fantastic items to spend on once you do have it. There are vast and luxurious properties, orbital strikes to annihilate the competition, and functional vehicles straight out of the movies. 

Though it’ll take some time to earn and save up the money to buy these things, that’s what the game is all about. GTA Online is about working together, pulling heists, earning money, and buying cool stuff. So, to give you a few ideas of what you’ll need to save up for, here’s a list of the ten most expensive purchases in Grand Theft Auto Online.

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Honorable Mention: Declasse Scramjet – $4,000,000

The Scramjet is a fanboy’s dream come true. You may not have expected to play as Speed Racer in a GTA game, but here we are. If you don’t know, Speed Racer is a popular 1960s anime with an amazing car. The Mach 5 is the main character’s well-equipped race car based on the real-life Alfa Romeo 33/2 Coupé Speciale. You can get and drive one of these loaded dream cars in GTA Online for $ 4,000,000 from Warstock Cache & Carry.

One of the most remarkable features of the Scramjet is right out of the TV show. It has a rocket booster that can send it flying for over 2 seconds to make it very fast. Combine this with its ability to jump about eight meters off the ground(minus the cool sound effect from the show), and you can replicate Mach 5’s iconic ability. While it doesn’t have armor or a roof to protect the driver, it has machine gun and missile launcher capabilities. Though it’s not expensive enough to make the top ten, it’s pretty close and a standout item to own. 

10) Buckingham Akula – $4,500,000

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The Akula may be the most dangerous vehicle in the air. It’s got everything you’d want when you take to the skies. While it may look like a deadly can opener, it has enough features to legitimize its hefty price tag. You can score this four-passenger military chopper for $4,500,00 from Warstock Cache & Carry.

The Akula has the best maneuverability and acceleration of any helicopter in the game and almost tops them all in speed as well. However, this chopper isn’t made for running, as it’s heavily armored. It will take 3 direct homing-missiles or 18 heavy sniper rounds to bring it down. It’s probably safe to say that before that happens, you’ll be doing some firing of your own. 

Whether you’re in the vehicle’s stealth mode or not, you can unleash quite the arsenal at opponents on the ground or in the air. The Akula has homing and non-homing missiles, dual .50 caliber miniguns, and the ability to carry and drop any of the four bomb types. This is the air vehicle for getting things done, which is why it’s so expensive. 

9) RM-10 Bombushka – $4,750,000

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The Bombushka is a massive flying machine. It’s essentially a military cargo plane in which you can transport a full-size car if you don’t add any mods or weapons. It can also carry up to six passengers, three of whom can hop on individual gun turrets if equipped. This plane is perfect for heading to a heist with a crew, especially if you expect trouble. The only catch is it will cost you $4,750,000 from Warstock Cache & Carry to own, and you’ll need your own hanger. 

Due to its size, the Bombushka is slow and somewhat clunky. It also requires some space to take off. This process can be sped up a bit with its JATO thrusters, but they can’t be used again until you land. The Bombushka isn’t very well armored, although it can stay in flight even after losing a couple of its propellers. 

Instead of armor, this transport plane has options. You can release smoke, chaff, and flares to ward off missiles and other mid-air pilots. If those don’t do the trick, you have dual .50 caliber machine guns that are pretty handy. There is also a cannon on the top turret that is very [powerful and will devastate most targets. For a final touch, you can equip the Bombushka to live up to its name and drop all four different bomb types. 

8) V-65 Molotok – $4,788,000

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The Molotok is one mean-looking Korean fighter jet. It has a sleek and straightforwardness that screams that this vehicle is meant to get something done. In fact, with it’s all silver paint and red-tipped nose it kind of looks like a dart, except it can unleash firepower on its target. You can get a Molotok from Warstock Cache & Carry for $4,788,000. While it’s not the most expensive plane, it is a helpful one.

The Molotok excels at braking and making quick and exact landings. Otherwise, its speed and maneuverability aren’t much better than any other plane in the game. It can take more damage, though. Multiple small crashes, two hits from homing missiles, or up to 17 shots from regular ammunition won’t bring this fighter down.

On top of durability, it also has countermeasures. Chaff scrambles homing missiles for five seconds, which should prevent them from making contact. You can release smoke from the back to blind anyone following too close behind long enough to make an escape. Flares fire out of the rear, distract other pilots, and provide an alternate target for homing missiles. 

When it’s time to fire back, you can unload the dual machine guns with reasonably decent accuracy. These are especially deadly against other aircraft. You also have the luxury of firing missiles with no cool-down period to reload. The hail of missiles this ability allows is not something you want to be on the receiving end of. 

7) Swift Deluxe – $5,150,000 

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The Swift Deluxe is a luxurious way to zoom across the city. Why skip traffic in a regular helicopter when you can take one wholly plated in gold? This gaudy flying statement is the way to make an impression as you travel. You can purchase this attention grabber for $5,150,000 from Elitás Travel.

It has no weapons and performs like the other Swift’s in GTA Online. Instead, the Swift Deluxe is simply a transport with twice the style. Inside, there’s a lux leather interior, TVs with surround sound, and internet access. You can also bring along friends as the chopper holds three passengers besides the pilot. While it may not be the most useful or practical investment, the Swuft Deluxe is definitely a way to blow some cash if you’ve got it. 

6) Imponte Deluxo – $5,750,000

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While you may not be able to go back in time with this car, you also don’t need roads. The Deluxo is based on the DeLorean and, more importantly, the version from Back to the Future. It combines both style and purpose, which naturally is going to cost you. You can get this hover capable 2-seater for $5,750,000 from Warstock Cache & Carry.

The Deluxo impresses without even starting the engine with its Gull-wing doors and retro-futuristic look. It doesn’t have the modded add-ons from the movies, but it is a spitting image of the rare and storied DeLorean. It’s also one of the best vehicles in the game. 

When it comes to driving, you can hit speeds of up to 114 mph with decent handling and acceleration. Then, when it’s time to take to the skies, you can turn those wheels and hover at 89 mph or switch to a full-on flying car at up to 78 mph. All three of these modes allow for drive-bys, which we haven’t seen in any movie.

Finally, regarding protection, the Deluxo can be equipped with machine guns and homing missile launchers. The vehicle’s versatility, design, and pure nostalgia make this an expensive but necessary purchase for GTA Online players. 

5) JoBuilt P-996 LAZER – $6,500,000

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If you’ve seen True Lies, you know a fighter jet is a must-have in any world where you can acquire one. The LAZER is the fighter jet to work for in GTA Online. It’ll take you wherever you need to go quickly and make an explosive impression when you get there. All you have to do is spend the $6,500,000 at Warstock Cache & Carry, and this “death jet” can be yours.

The LAZER is extremely fast, with top speeds of 316/k/h, and has incredible maneuverability. If they can catch you, you can pitch and roll to dodge incoming enemy fire. Need to make a quick escape? Don’t worry; the LAZER only needs a short area to take off and land, so you’re in the sky and on your way in no time. 

The LAZER additionally has a few options for weaponry that legitimize the price tag. You have standard homing or manual fire missiles. You can fire two of these quickly and then wait a few seconds while they reload. While you’re waiting to reload, you can switch to your dual cannons that fire explosive rounds. These will quickly destroy even armored vehicles and obviously eliminate any enemies outside of vehicles. Combine the speed of this jet with its impressive firepower, and you may not think twice about the price. 

4) Mammoth F-160 Raiju – $6,855,000

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The Raiju takes the fighter jet to the next level. It’s price tag similarly jumps up even higher than the impressive LAZER, but it’s worth it. The jet is fast, maneuverable, and comes with valuable features. You can get a Raiju for $6,855,000 from Warstock Cache & Carry. 

The Raiju is a VTOL, meaning it can take off vertically and essentially hover when desired. Then, when it’s time to move, you can easily switch to horizontal and become the fastest thing in the air. The Raiju can hit speeds of 187 mph below 820 feet and 227 mph when flying above 250 feet. It’s also incredibly maneuverable and can even take a bit more damage than other planes. 

Regarding weaponry, you have the popular explosive round dual cannons, great for quickly destroying opponents in vehicles. You also have the option to unload homing and non-homing missiles. The icing on the cake, though, is the Raiju’s stealth ability, with which other players cannot see you coming on radar.

3) Aquarius Yacht – 8,000,000

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The Aquarius is the most expensive super yacht you can buy in the game. You don’t get to drive it, but you can have it moved for a fairly steep fee. The yacht is a sign that you’ve made it, and this is the biggest of those signs. The cheaper versions, the Orion and Pisces, are also impressive. Still, the 210-foot Aquarius is the king of luxury on the water, costing $8,000,000 at DockTease. 

It is highly customizable with incredible features. Unfortunately, those features are only somewhat helpful with the typical gameplay of GTA games. The yacht doesn’t have special armor or weapons, but it does have a deterrent system. You can arm its defense so that if enemy aircraft or NPCs get too close, explosives fire in their direction. You also can store weapons that constantly regenerate on the boat that you can pick up and use. 

Rather than a weapon, the Aquarius serves as a mobile mansion. You can customize the color, lighting, and other decorative features. The yacht isn’t just an expensive boat though it also comes standard with the following:

  • Hot Tub
  • Two Helipads
  • Sun deck
  • Four Speedophile Seasharks
  • Lampadati Toro
  • Nagasaki Dinghy
  • Buckingham SuperViolito Carbon 

2) Pegassi Oppressor Mk II – 8,000,000

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This flying bike is one of the most valuable items in the game. Luckily, this purchase is very beneficial once you can afford it. The bike can get you where you need to go quickly and has what you need if you run into trouble. It’s a small and efficient vehicle that, unfortunately, is going to cost you $8,000,000

The Mk II is based on a hoverbike from the movie Looper. It’s got a rocket booster to enhance it’s acceleration to 135 mph for a brief time. In hover mode, the bike hits 129 mph, while in flying mode, it tops out at 108 mph. It’s got chaff, flare, and smoke countermeasures to deter any homing missiles or tails from getting too close. 

The bike’s best attribute is undoubtedly its weapons. You can equip it with dual front machine guns, explosive bullet Gatling guns, or homing missile launchers. The Gatling guns are especially effective at taking out other vehicles quickly. The combination of maneuverability, extra features, and effective weaponry make this bike one of the most deadly tools in GTA

1)Luxor Deluxe – $10,000,000

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You’ve reached the top of the mountain, and it’s time to unveil your very costly prize. It’s a full-size private jet made of solid gold. What better way to show you run things in town than flying over the city in shining luxury? This plane is the ultimate waste of money and should only be sought after and purchased by those with the extra cash. The price tag is the highest in the game for any single item, period. To get this stylish plane, you’ll need to spend $10,000,000 at Elitás Travel.

The Buckingham Luxor Deluxe doesn’t outperform other planes in speed or maneuverability. It doesn’t have fancy countermeasures to protect itself or legitimize the price tag. It actually doesn’t have any weapons at all. The Luxor Deluxe is simply decadence, with wings that also happens to seat 7 passengers besides the pilot. Use this plane to impress friends, feel fancy as you take in the sights, or travel from one side of the map to another; just don’t try to use it for much else. 

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