Meowth and Marowak Look Different in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Meowth and Marowak Look Different in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Nintendo and Game Freak have already shown that things are going to be different in Pokemon Sun and Moon . New Pokemon abound, while old favorites adapt to the island lifestyle. Japan’s Coro Coro magazine has revealed a number of new and old characters, and they’re pretty shocking. If you liked Meowth or Marowak, be prepared for new looks!

Both of the returning Pokemon are quite different in Pokemon Sun and Moon’ s Alola region. Meowth became a favorite of nobility and, instead of a normal-type, is now a dark-type. Meanwhile, Marowak is starting to tap into that lore that says Cubones wear their deceased parents’ skulls, as its Alolan form is a fire and ghost-type. Creepy, right?

New Pokemon were also announced. Bewear, a previously-revealed normal and fighting-type, is the evolved form of Nuikoguma*, a smaller teddy bear. It’s adorable and totally unintimidating. Also, a new water-type fish called Yowashi* can shift between large and small forms, likely each having their own benefits. Ghost and ground-type characters were revealed too, with a little, sentient sandcastle called Sunabaa* eventually evolving into the larger, more elaborate Shirodesuna*.

The evil team plaguing the Alolan islands in Pokemon Sun and Moon was also announced. Team Skull* is up to no good. It’s led by Guzma*, and he’s aided by a minion named Plumeri*. They look appropriately sinister.

Each new round of Pokemon Sun and Moon makes the game seem more and more interesting. The new Alolan forms are great, and characters original to the island all seem to have their charms. It’s sure making it difficult to wait for the game’s November 18 launch!

* These characters have not had their official English names announced.

Source: Serebii

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