More Pressure Befalls Boston Transit Over GTA Ads

More Pressure Befalls Boston Transit Over GTA Ads


Yesterday, we reported that community leaders in Boston are upset at GTA ads that appear on subway cars. The police force in Boston has joined on the bandwagon of folks who are fighting to remove the ads.

“These games threaten and risk the lives of police officers,” Hub Patrolman’s Association President Thomas Nee told the Boston Herald. “To use a public conveyance in our city to sell a product that condones murdering police officers is complete lunacy.”

After the added pressure from the police officers, the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority has issued a new statement showing a bit more cooperation with the protesters.

“We are reviewing existing case law to see whether we can legally amend our guidelines to prohibit this or other advertisements that market products with violent themes.”

Daniel Grabauskas of the MBTA has stated that they have no legal authority to regulate advertising content.

Jack Thompson weighed in intelligently on the issue, “It is utter nonsense for the MBTA to suggest the First Amendment somehow prohibits it from not participating in a criminal conspiracy. What’s next? Bus ads for crack cocaine?”

Okay…Jack. Keep posted for the latest on this story.

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