New Halo Wars Video Series Examines Expanded Halo Universe

New Halo Wars Video Series Examines Expanded Halo Universe


A brand-new Halo video series is being released via Xbox LIVE Marketplace and Xbox.com that goes in-depth into the universe of Halo.

Entitled Halo Wars: Universe Expanded, the videos will be released in three acts and give fans a deeper understanding of the backstory and timeline involved.

Creators, critics, and fans alike have all been tapped for the series’ taping.

Press Release:

February 26, 2009 – “Halo Wars” sets the stage for one of the most beloved video game conflicts to date: Humanity’s struggle to save the universe from annihilation at the hands of a relentless consortium known as the Covenant.

In a new video series from Microsoft, “Halo Wars: Universe Expanded” examines this epic story which spans across four game titles. With insight from creators, critics and the franchise’s biggest fans, this series told in three acts illustrates why “Halo Wars” is such an important chapter in the “Halo” timeline.

Act 1 draws deeply on the story and art elements that make up “Halo” and how they are presented in “Halo Wars” and previous titles starring Master Chief. This required viewing for all “Halo” fans titled “Universe Expanded: Act I” is available for download on Xbox.com/Halo and on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, with subsequent acts following the week of 2nd March.

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