New Killer Instinct Season 2 Changes Revealed

New Killer Instinct Season 2 Changes Revealed

A lot of changes are coming to the base gameplay system in Killer Instinct Season 2 . Overall, combos are going to be easier to break and also easier to do all around. However, for the true pros out there, Microsoft and Iron Galaxy have provided a full season 2 change list, both to the full system and to individual characters. You can read the full list below.


  • Non-combo hits (pokes) and the 1st hit of combos now deal additional damage.
  • Shadow Meter gain rates have decreased 20% overall.
  • Shadow Enders now scale damage based on current Ender Level.
  • Potential (white) damage decays slower than before.
  • New system extension: Air breakers & Air counter breakers
  • The breaker system has been expanded to cover Air to Air and Air to Ground interactions.
  • Additionally, all Counter Breaker attempts now will leave you vulnerable to punishment if you fail no matter what the situation or character.
  • After the 3rd non-chained move, combos that are not part of the Linker/Double ruleset are now breakable via Manual rules. This includes juggled manuals and non-projectile special moves.
  • Combo Breakers no longer cause a Hard Knockdown.
  • Juggled Shadow Enders are now subject to Opener-Ender breaker rules, but can cash out a juggled opponent.
  • Projectiles no longer darken the screen.
  • Removed the ability to Instinct Cancel during an Ender.
  • Removed the ability to perform Ultra Enders from the air.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the 4 frame Manual Breaker window from actually working.  As a result, you now have 4 additional frames to break Manuals.

New linker rules:

  • The rules for performing Manuals after Linkers are now consistent across the cast.
  • Doing a Light Linker gives you access to a difficult Light Manual.
  • Doing a Medium Linker gives you access to a difficult Medium Manual or slightly less difficult Light Manual.
  • Doing a Heavy Linker gives you access to a difficult Heavy Manual, less difficult Medium Manual, and even less difficult Light Manual.
  • Exceptions still exist but for the most part you can count on these rules for all characters.

For character specific changes, head on over to Ultra-Combo.com to read the full list.

Source: Ultra-Combo.com

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