NHL Breakaway ’98 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for PlayStation (PSX)

NHL Breakaway ’98 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for PlayStation (PSX)

NHL Breakaway ’98 Randomly created team

At the team selection screen, select exhibition or practice mode, then press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2.

Bonus teams

Select exhibition or practice mode. Then at the team selection screen, press L1, L2, Square to enable the New York Sports, Salt Lake Frosties, or Canton Michigan Ratpack teams. Several other teams may be enabled by highlighting one of the existing teams and entering one of the following codes:

Cleveland Barons

Press R1(2), Circle.

Toronto St. Pats

Press L1(2), Circle.

Oakland Seals

Press L2(2), Circle.

Kansas City Scouts

Press R2(2), Square.

Montreal Maroons

Press L1, R1, Square.

Portland Rosebuds

Press L2, R2, Square.

Vancouver Millionaires

Press R2, L2, Circle.

New York Americans

Press R1, L2, Circle.

Hamilton Tigers

Press L1, R2, Square.

Seattle Metropolitans

Press L2, R1, Square.

Alternate uniforms

Choose Anaheim, Boston, Chicago, Tampa Bay, or the New York Rangers as a visiting team. Then on the setup screen, select the “Start Game” option and hold Right + Square until the game begins. Now the players from those visiting teams will be wearing their third jerseys.

Cheat mode

Pause the game and press R1, R2, Right, Left, R1. The following cheat menus and options will now be accessible:

Pete’s Cheats

    Blood mode: Inactive
    Big Players: Larger players.
    Little Players: Smaller players.
    Pass Lines: Display path to the default pass recipient.
    Phat Puck: Large hockey puck.
    Big Head: Players have large heads.
    Flat Foot: Players have large feet.

Pat’s Cheats

    Offense AI: No effect in production version of game.
    Defense AI: No effect in production version of game.
    Free Puck AI: No effect in production version of game.
    Skeleton Mode: Wire frame players.
    Fast Clock: Faster game
    Chipmunk Mode: Higher pitched announcer.
    Scary Mode: Slower pitched announcer.
    Brutus Mode: More fight injuries.
    Game Fanatic Mode: No effect in production version of game.
    Play Organ: Organ songs
    Play Misc Announcer: Hear stadium announcements.
    Home Happy: Good home team announcements.
    Home Sad: Bad home team announcements.
    Away Happy: Good away team announcements.
    Away sad: Bad away team announcements.
    H-Star: Crowd cheers when this home team player gets puck.
    A-Star: Crowd boos when this away team player gets puck.
    Sound Test: Sound test mode.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Time 800FF85C 012C
Home Team Score Modifier 800FF898 00??
Away Team Score Modifier 800FF899 00??
Max Stk Handling 301A6984 0063
Max Shooting 301A6985 0063
Max Acceleration 301A6987 0063
Max Toughness 301A6988 0063
Max Endurance 301A697A 0063
Max Speed 301A697B 0063
Max Skating 301A697C 0063
Max Passing 301A697D 0063
Max Shot Power 301A697E 0063
Max Offensive Awareness 301A697F 0063
Max Defensive Awareness 301A6980 0063
Max Checking 301A6981 0063
Max Aggression 301A6982 0063

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