Nintendo Confirms the Wii U Will Be Their Last Console*

Today, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has announced that the Wii U will be Nintendo’s last console. After suffering from poor sales since its release, Nintendo has decided that their efforts are best spent in the software business. While they still plan to support the Wii U up until this generation of consoles ends, they will also begin making deals with Sony and Microsoft in order to see Nintendo games come out on other AAA consoles.

Nintendo isn’t commenting on what games we will see on other consoles. Specifically, we can likely expect more traditional titles, like Zelda and Metroid , to be good fits for either the PS4 or Xbox One. For now, it is unclear whether or not Nintendo will continue their business in the handheld market, what with the success of the 3DS. However, Satoru Iwata said that Nintendo would not be opposed to seeing a Nintendo title on the Vita sometime in the future.

Yes, this does technically mean that Nintendo will be going the way of Sega and the Dreamcast. It’s the last swan song of the original Console Wars, so say your goodbyes while you can.

Source: Nintendo

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