Why Use the Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheat?

Official promotional imagery for The Sims: Cats and Dogs expansion pack.

Why Use the Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheat?

In the Sims 4, released on the PC on September 2nd, 2014, there are numerous cheat codes a person can use to give themselves an edge in this game of life. One of these codes allows the player to give the Sims more Satisfaction Points. What is a Satisfaction point?

Well, it’s fairly simple, a satisfaction point is given when the player manages to complete a Sim’s Wants and Fears, or by completing an Aspiration milestone. When the player’s Sim is feeling more content with their life, they get a point.

You can even get them from completing scenarios, or situations that could result in a Sim getting a point. For example, Rom Com is about two comedic Sims dealing with romantic issues. Another Troublemaker involves dealing with a rowdy kid. They can be resolved in several ways, but completing them successfully will result in points.

So, if that’s the case, what are they used for then?

Official promotional imagery for The Sims: Cats and Dogs expansion pack.

The players can be given awards for how many points they get, such as a money tree, boosts to skills, and a potion of youth, which can reverse a Sim’s age. All in all, pretty useful for making your Sim’s simulation that much easier. Or going through the scenarios themselves, which can be pretty fun, if given the chance. What’s more, they also make reaching milestones that much easier, resulting in a more complete experience all around.

The Cheat Code

So, if that’s the case, why shouldn’t you have more?

Or rather, how can you get more without going through all of that hassle? They’re pretty useful and are big time savers…

And hey, what harm could a cheat do, right? It’s not a competitive game, the only person playing is yourself…And hey, it’s not as if the developers will know, right? They can’t unless you stream the game, or if they somehow install spyware on your computer…

Actually, no, they do know. Not because of any spying or stalking they’re doing, but because they put the cheat code in themselves, and people use it. That’s right, the developers want you to cheat, so…why not? No angel or devil is sitting on your shoulder, the developers gave it the OK.

The cheat itself is pretty simple, being “sims.give_satisfaction_points,” but inputting it depends on which platform you use. To bring up the cheat menu, follow these steps:

  • Ctrl+Shift+C on Windows
  •  Cmd+Shift+C on Mac
  •  Hold R1, R2, L1 and L2 at the same time on PlayStation
  •  Hold RB, RT, LB, and LT at the same time on Xbox

When the cheat console is open (you can tell via the input section at the bottom), type in testingCheatsTrue to turn cheats on. To turn them off, replace “true” with “false” or “off.” Remember, coding is very specific, so be sure to input these exactly!

Using this code allows you to use any cheats in Sims 4.

Now, as said before, input “sims.give_satisfaction_points,” followed by the number of Satisfaction points you want. For example: sims.give_satisfaction_points 1000 will give you 1k Satisfaction points. No more, no less.

So, pretty simple, right? But why would someone not want to use this? A few reasons. One, it is cheating. Or rather, it’s one of those “well, if I’m okay with doing this, doing this other cheat isn’t so bad,” thus, more cheat codes are entered, and soon enough, a player has all the stuff in the game. And then they will likely grow bored and start playing another game.

But why should I use this?

But, at the same time, it can be useful for something else: testing. Sometimes, you want to see what a certain feature does on a certain character, and you don’t want to have to go through the annoying build-up process, of developing the Sims, building the house, and buying the right amount of stuff. Sometimes, a player just wants to get to the meat of the meal and skip over that. Cheats help a player save time.

And besides, it’s not as if any rules are truly being broken. The cheats are there for the player to have fun, and by increasing Satisfaction points, they can have fun in a much easier way. And, if a player doesn’t want to, all they have to do is turn the cheats off or never use them to begin with.

So, with this in mind, feel free to give yourself as many Satisfaction Points as you desire, or do not. It’s your Sims 4. Remember, the point of the game is to have fun, not stress over whether it’s morally right or wrong to input a number.

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