NYC Comic Con ’08: Featured Gaming Titles on Display

NYC Comic Con ’08: Featured Gaming Titles on Display


There wasn’t much actual news to report, but here’s a list of the games that were on display at the New York Comic Con ’08.

Gears of War 2 : Mike Capps of Epic Games made a panel appearance to further bolster the hype surrounding Gears of War 2. No new details were released, but the excitement in Capps’ demeanor during Q&A was contagious. According to Capps, Gears of War 2 will simply be a vast improvement over its predecessor with large scale battles, graphic content, improved cover mechanic, and a general emphasis on gritty and brutal entertainment!

Civilization Revolution : The game looks like it truly is shaping up to be a thing of beauty for current generation consoles. The visual quality, accessible game mechanic, and online components should please a much larger gaming demographic. Unfortunately, hardcore fans of the series may find Civilization Revolution to be a bit dumbed down from the PC offerings, but hopefully fans and newcomers alike will find common ground in a complex yet fast-paced strategy title that they can experience in their living rooms.

Hellboy: The Science of Evil : The game’s shaping up nicely and should satisfy both action gamers and comic purists. It is a combat-heavy title that emphasizes action and only dabbles with puzzle elements. Nevertheless, the brutal butt-kicking mechanic will appease the bloodthirsty throng of Hellboy fans.

Dragonball Z: Burst Limit : The next installment in the fighting series looks to be very accessible and highly-stylized. The developers have kept an eye on not only providing authentic content for fans, but will also make sure that the game provides a quality experience to anyone seeking to play a great fighter.

Metal Gear Online : The Beta may be down, but the demo was available for testing at Comic Con, and it drew quite a crowd. Metal Gear Online will provide gamers with a methodical shooter that emphasizes stealth, accuracy, and the use of cover. There are no overpowered and outlandish weapons available, and as a result players will have to use their wits and tactics rather than being quick on the draw and calling upon exaggerated firepower.

The Incredible Hulk : The Incredible Hulk was demoed and looks as if destruction in a big city will be the games ace-in-the-hole. The Hulk will be let loose in the interactive confines of an open-world NYC. In other words, tearing down entire buildings will be commonplace.

SouthPeak Games : SouthPeak received a tremendous amount of buzz at last year’s Comic Con, so this time around they expanded their booth and featured a number of soon-to-be-released titles. The games included Monster Madness: Grave Danger for the PS3, Dream Pinball for Wii, DS, and the PC, Mister Slime exclusively for DS, and Roogoo for the Xbox LIVE Arcade. All of the titles are shaping up to be pretty impressive with Monster Madness and Roogoo standing out.

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