Official Lowdown on PlayStation Network

Official Lowdown on PlayStation Network


We’ve heard bits and pieces about PlayStation Network, the online network compatible with the PlayStation 3. Before you dash out to stand in line for twenty-four hours to get your copy of the PlayStation 3, check out our final rundown on the online capabilities.

Gamers with a PlayStation 3 and broadband internet access will be able to connect to the PlayStation Network (PSN) and create a unique Online ID. This ID will allow users to link with other users via the Friends category on the PS3’s on-screen navigation system called the Xross Media Bar (XMB). This will enable every user to interact with online friends through text messages, live voice chat, and live video chat. A list of PS3 users recently played against will also be available.

Users will also be able to access the PlayStation store where they will have access to downloadable entertainment content including free high-definition game videos and playable demos. Full games exclusive to the PlayStation 3 will also be available for purchase. If you have a hankering for classic PlayStation titles, they will also be available for download onto your PSP. This is the only content available at launch, but Sony is suggesting more content will be available soon.

Users will be able to access the internet via a built-in PS3 internet browser. The browser supports popular internet multimedia formats (including Flash) and common web-browsing functions such as bookmarks and history. Gamers will be able to have up to six internet browsers open at any time.

Parental controls will also be available in order to ensure appropriate user access to the PS3 internet browser and PSN content.

Be sure to check out Cheat Code Central later this week as we begin posting our first hands-on impressions of the PlayStation 3.

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