People Are Having Problems with Advanced Warfare Keys from Green Man Gaming

People Are Having Problems with Advanced Warfare Keys from Green Man Gaming

Even though the new Call of Duty game officially released today, another version of the game. “Day Zero Edition”, released a whole 24-hours prior to the actual release of Advanced Warfare , allowing for Call of Duty fans and enthusiasts alike to play the full game before anyone else.

Whilst booting up Advanced Warfare: Day Zero Edition , either physically or digitally, may have been an easy process for some, others had much less of a smoother experience, including those who pre-ordered the game via Green Man Gaming.

According to a Reddit post that cropped up on the same day as Day Zero Edition, numerous people were complaining on Green Man Gaming’s forums that the digital key they bought from the online retailer wasn’t working, saying that the key itself was invalid when being redeemed.

Some Reddit users commented on the post, suggesting that those who were experiencing this problem should contact Green Man Gaming’s support. Replies on the retailer’s forums were similar in nature. According to a couple of users, the online retailer had similar problems with the launch of Sleeping Dogs and Call of Duty: Ghosts , where some people who bought those respective games received their digital key much later than others.

Some users have reported that they have received a new key from the retailer, which later worked. However, not everyone is having the same result, as some people are still experiencing problems regarding their individual keys, with some users having their concerns go unanswered for several hours. As the problem is seemingly well spread out within Green Man Gaming, it’s understandable that the retailer won’t have time to get to everyone. Nevertheless, solutions are being rolled out steadily, it seems

We’ll bring you more news on this should further information reach our ears.

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