PlayStation Move Controllers and Bundles Priced and Dated

PlayStation Move Controllers and Bundles Priced and Dated


Sony announced today at their E3 2010 media event the outlook for PlayStation Move — the company’s motion controller.

At the briefing, Peter Dille revealed the launch dates and price points for the controller. PlayStation Move will drop first in Europe on September 15th, followed closely in North America on September 19th, and a month later in Japan on October 21st, 2010.

The PS Move will retail in North America for the very reasonable price of $49.99, with the so-called Navigation controller (PlayStation’s Nunchuk-like peripheral) will sell for $29.99.

A couple of bundles will also be offered.  The first combines the PlayStation Eye, the Move controller, and a copy of Sports Champion, the Wii Sports Resort analog. The bundle can be purchased at retail for $99.99.

Additionally, a console bundle including a 250GB PS3 Slim, a Move controller, a PlayStation Eye, and a copy of Sports Champion,  will sell for $399.99.

Games made specifically for the Move system will retail for $39.99, and Peter Dille announced that around 20 games will be ready at launch with another 40 or so coming to consumers by March 2011.

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