Rumor Round-Up: Xbox Wii-mote, Re-Release of GameCube Controller, Sony Goodness, and more!

Rumor Round-Up: Xbox Wii-mote, Re-Release of GameCube Controller, Sony Goodness, and more!


Here are the four most important gaming rumors you need to know about. First, Microsoft is probably developing a motion control remote for the Xbox 360. According to MTV News, Microsoft plans on launching the new controller before the end of the year if they are able to stay on task. Unfortunately, this has been difficult for Microsoft as Rare, the company behind the controller’s development, has struggled to meet deadlines. The source confirmed that the development project began last summer in response to not only the Wii Remote, but also the Six-axis motion control system.

Nothing has been officially announced from Microsoft but MTV News feels confident that the source is reliable. A major difference between the Wii Remote and the 360’s prototype controller is that there is no add-on peripheral such as the Nunchuk. It will come with a mounted analog control stick, the four classic Xbox face buttons, and a microphone. It may even be able to interact with the Xbox Live Vision Camera, which may lead to “headtracking” capability. Supposedly the Microsoft controller will be able to do everything the Wii’s can and more.

Also on the controller front, it looks as if Nintendo will release a new model of GameCube controller in Japan. The controller will be white and sport a three meter cable. The cable is about 50% longer than standard GameCube controller’s cable and the white color will match the Wii nicely. The controller will cost about $20 USD. Unfortunately, there is no word as to when the controller will come to North America, so you may have to import it.

Third, according to a blog posting on Jeux-France, Europe may actually get a price drop for the Wii. The entry states that a source within Nintendo France says there will be three Wii bundles available at reduced prices. The bundles include:

  • Pack Wii Sport : 149€
  • Pack Mario Kart : 199€
  • Pack avec deux manettes complètes et deux jeux (Bundle with two controllers and two games): 249€

This is all completely unconfirmed and says nothing about being price reduced in North America. We seriously doubt that there will be an American price drop anytime soon considering the continued level of demand.

Fourth and finally, Sony PR Guru Scott Steinberg hinted at a number of subtle yet interesting upcoming improvements to their gaming line-up and support. First, he mentioned that there have been no big announcements from Sony this year. As such, look for a huge one at E3. Second, there may be a music and movie download service available via the PlayStation Store. Third, big name titles will carry the PS3 onto glory in 2008 including additional PSOne and PS2 downloads. Lastly, Sony will continue to court third-party developers to release games for download.

There’s bound to be more gossip next week so check back often!

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