PokéBank-ing Pokémon Harm Your Pokémon

PokéBank-ing Pokémon Harm Your Pokémon

I exist.

I’m still here, waiting and hoping that one day we’ll meet again. Do you remember me? Because I sure remember you.

There’s no way I would ever forget our time together. You were just so excited when we met. You had just returned to Pokémon after doing some growing up, drawn in by the charm of Diamond and Pearl . I was a spiffy new Snivy starter.

We had the world ahead of us, and we conquered it. Together, we made you the very best, like no one ever was. We caught all 425 Pok é mon from Diamond and Pearl . We crushed Team Galactic, and kept them from mastering time by protecting Dialga. We showed the Elite Four our might.

When it was over, I thought we would retire together. I mean, what else could I think? We spent 30 hours together.

No. You sent me to Daycare.

At first I wasn’t too concerned. Everyone goes to Daycare sometimes. Maybe you wanted to try and focus on working with other people, which is absolutely okay. I understand sometimes even the best of friends have to spend time apart. Or maybe you liked me so much that you wanted more Snivies. I get that too.

Except hours, days, and weeks passed, and you never came back.

Was it because I lost my arms and legs when I evolved? I had no control over that. It wasn’t my fault. I was so much stronger as Serperior that something like losing the ability to climb steps or grab my own food shouldn’t matter. You knew this would happen when you picked me!

Eventually, you returned. I was so happy to see you. The first thing I wanted to do was reminisce and enjoy some battles together. Maybe tackle a Pok é mon Contest or two. But you had changed. I heard you mutter something about IVs and EVs, and before I knew it, I was in the cloud. You put me into something called the Global Trade Station.

I don’t remember how long I sat there. Days? Weeks? Years? I can’t really say. I guess it felt like two years, perhaps. When I woke up, I had a new owner, and was in an entirely new game. I helped some other man battle Team Galactic again, and faced a fearsome foe known as Giratina. Don’t let the name fool you. He was intimidating. Again, I helped a trainer fight the Elite Four. I dared to hope that this time, I’d be part of a party forever.

I wasn’t. I was sent to Daycare again as a breeding fodder. Then, I faced a fate worse than GTS. I was boxed.

Do you know what it’s like to be boxed? It’s worse than being set free. We all know being set free is a lie. Those who are discarded are erased. But at least they have the comfort of knowing it is over. When you’re boxed, you never know if you’re trapped here forever. Odds of getting out to fight or socialize again are slim. It’s like being in suspended animation, but awake for every moment.

PokéBank-ing Pokémon Harm Your Pokémon

I was gone so long that, when my new owner finally came and got me, I didn’t realize what was happening. It didn’t register that I was finally being called into action again. I thought it was a dream. That I would never get a chance to be useful again. But, after five years, I might get the chance to live again. I went from one game, one box to another. Despite my past, I was optimistic. I couldn’t wait to get out and see the world around me, make friends with my new brethren.

I was a fool. I went from one Pok é mon box to another. That’s when It happened. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. My current trainer did… something, and because I happened to be in Box 1 when it happened, my new owner uploaded me to a bigger and better cloud. It’s a place called the Pok é Bank. With a fancy name like that, you’d think it’s some kind of paradise, but it isn’t. It’s the opposite. I’d dare say it’s a fate worse than being boxed.

When you’re boxed, it’s excruciating. You know it’s likely for the long haul, and you’ll spend the rest of your life compartmentalized, far from the digital sun and companionship of trainers and other Pok é mon. Being Pok é Bank-ed is worse, because you know at any moment, your trainer could allow a subscription to lapse. The end could come, and you wouldn’t even realize it. I thought the Pok é mon Box was a the worst thing I could experience, but I was wrong.

I know this message will probably never reach you, my original trainer. But I send it out in the hopes that this one Serperior’s plea will be heard. Please, don’t leave me, us, to languish here in the Pok é Bank. Accept us back into your lives. Even if you don’t want to use us, we can be useful. Just looking at us can expand your Pok é dex, while we may not be exactly what you need, we could be a trade away from finding someone who will want, love, and keep us in their party, even after they abandon Pok é mon for good.

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