PS3 Revving-up for Killer PSN Content

PS3 Revving-up for Killer PSN Content


Peter Dille, Senior Vice President of Marketing & PlayStation Network has posted a lengthy blog entry at the company’s official forum site. According to the Veep, the PlayStation Network has a ton of great content coming down the pipe and that consumers should get ready!

The folks at Sony want to use the PlayStation Network as a vehicle for the PlayStation community to “discover new forms of entertainment.” Sony will focus on: The PlayStation community; Free online gaming; Digital media download services; Original content; and PlayStation Cards.

1) The PlayStation Community

Sony wants gamers to be actively involved in the community. They are the vital link and Sony wants the PS3 to be their main access point. In other words, Home will be more akin to a social networking site than a simple online lobby. Furthermore, Dille states that:

“We know you want in-game access to XMB features and we’re committed to bringing that, among other community-related services this year. They will be designed to allow more community development and collaborative gameplay, as well as recognize and reward you for your gameplay accomplishments across a broad portfolio of PS3 games.”

2) Free Online Gaming

This item really perked us up, but after all only the original comment was made. There were no specific titles or details mentioned. As such, we can only relay to you that it is supposedly a core part of Sony’s PlayStation Network vision.

3) Digital Media Download Services

The Veep has not only confirmed such a service’s existence, but that it will be an integral part of the Network. According to Dille, Sony will “be offering a video service for PS3 in a way that separates the service from others you’ve seen or used. Ultimately the goal of the PLAYSTATION Network service will be to break through the overwhelming clutter of digital media to give you the TV, movies and gaming content you want.”

4) Original content

Sony will offer a slew of new downloadable content in 2008, but Dille makes it clear that Sony will concentrate on “quality over quantity.” Look for a nice mix of big name releases in the ilk of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue along with kickin’ budget titles such as Super Stardust HD and PixelJunk Monsters at the $10 price point.

5) PlayStation Cards

PlayStation Cards will be sent to retailers this spring. That means your parents, friends, spouse, grandmother, etc. can get you a gift you’ll really want. The card denominations will be in $20 and $50 increments.

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