Rage 2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox One

Rage 2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox One

Rage 2


Cheat mode

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To unlock cheats, you need to find Mangoo The Unborn, the traveling wizard vendor, in the open world. He appears in different locations on his hot-air balloon shack. He sells a variety of cheats, which normally cost between 500 to 2,000 coins. He appears in a few different areas on the map, but you can find him early at the following location . Drive to the indicated location to find Mangoo The Unborn. The following is a list of the cheats he sells and their descriptions. However, he may not have all the cheats listed below in his inventory. If he does not, check back later.

    Git Gud: Stop being a casual and git gud. All enemies go down in one hit!

    Klegg Support: You can call in villainous asshole Klegg Clayton to help you out as a helpful asshole.

    Phoenix Rejector Seat: When you hit eject, your car flies off into the sky instead of you. Perfect.

    Progress Booster: Double all feltrite collected for four hours.

    Red Barrel Rain: It’s raining explosives, hallelujah! Drop in a cluster of red barrels in front of you.

    Son Of Thor: You’ve been thunderstruck! Now redirect it to your enemies and electrocute them.

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    Super Overdrive: Rage even harder and boost the power of your Overdrive!

    Super Phoenix: You thought the Phoenix was already overpowered? Well then, think again!

    Super Wingstick: Your favourite murderous boomerang, now with unlimited redirects!

Note: Enabling cheats will permanently disable earning achievements on your save file. Thus, create a separate save file before purchasing cheats. You can toggle cheats under “Settings” – “Cheats”. The “Diamond Geezer” and “He’s On Fire” narrator cheats are automatically unlocked and will not disable achievements when activated. The “Diamond Geezer” cheat features game narration from UK celebrity Dany Dyer. The “He’s On Fire” cheat features game narration from Tim Kitzrow, who was the announcer in NBA Jam .

Hidden BFG 9000 weapon

Note: The BFG 9000 is currently only available to players that purchased the physical Deluxe Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition of Rage 2 . To get the BFG 9000 weapon, first link your Bethesda.net account by following the instructions on the game’s main menu. If you do not have an account, you can create one here . After claiming your BFG 9000 gift, you may need to reset the game and allow it update for it to appear in the game world. The BFG 9000 spawns in a large crater, north of Vineland. Vineland is the starting hub of the game. Drive north of Vineland, staying right and turning slightly right. Once you reach the hill, you can see a large crater with several containers and the BFG 9000 inside. The BFG 9000 is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. The BFG 9000 is a weapon from the Doom series, which is also published by Bethesda.

All Ark weapons and abilities

Search the indicated locations to find all Ark spheres containing weapons and Nanotrite abilities. Simply drive close to locations indicated on the map , and a marker will appear in the area with the Ark. Just kill all enemies in the camps to find an Ark at the end of each camp. Most Ark weapons and abilities can be found before even playing the first mission. Try collecting them early in the game to make it easier to complete.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Efficiency (30 points): Use the Assault Rifle to kill 5 enemies in a row without reloading.
    Unloaded (15 points): Shoot 70 bullets within 16 seconds using the Assault Rifle.
    Skeet Shooting (15 points): Hit an airborne enemy with the Shotgun’s Slug Shot.
    Hyper-Express (30 points): Kill 2 enemies with the same shot using the Hyper-Cannon.
    Postmodern Picasso (30 points): Rupture a total of 200 enemies using the Rocket Launcher.
    Overly driven (45 points): Reach an Overdrive multiplier of 10.
    THIS IS RAGE (15 points): Use Dash Strike kick to kill 10 enemies.
    Come on and Slam! (15 points): Crush 50 enemies using Slam.
    Pseudo Post-Mortem (30 points): Kill 3 enemies within 10 seconds after restoring all health with the Defibrillation.
    Off With Their Heads (30 points): Headshot a total of 100 enemies using the Wingstick.
    Explosive Ending (15 points): Kill an enemy with a Turret Drone explosion.
    Zipper (30 points): Kill 13 enemies while riding ziplines.
    Goon De-leet (30 points): Kill 1337 Goons.
    Peek-a-boo (30 points): Kill a cloaked Shrouded enemy.
    The Enemy Of My Enemy (30 points): Kill an enemy that is trying to kill an enemy.
    Bytesize Takedown (30 points): Destroy 128 Vehicles while driving the Phoenix.
    Crushed (30 points): Kill an Abadon Mutant Crusher with the Phoenix.
    On The Limit (15 points): Maintain top speed for 10 seconds with the Raptor.
    Over 9000 (15 points): Drive over 9000 meters.
    Hangtime (30 points): Jump over 100 meters with a ground vehicle.
    Off Balance (15 points): Knock 19 bikers off their bikes with the Phoenix’s Dodge.
    Goon Fire (15 points): Blow up a Goon with the Goon tank Booma.
    Post-Post-Apocalyptic Poster Child (50 points): Collect all other achievements.
    The Bigger They Are… (30 points): Kill 7 Abadon Mutant Crushers.
    Hot Potato (30 points): Reflect an enemy’s grenade.
    Gonevoy (15 points): Take down 1 Convoy Leader.
    Acid House (30 points): Complete the Torn Plains Race under 3:03.
    Dozing (30 points): Scoop up an enemy with the Wheeldozer.
    A Noah Lot (15 points): Open 5 Arks.
    Can’t Stop Pop (30 points): Pop 17 Balloons.
    Mata Hari Manners (45 points): Destroy 30 Spy Drones.
    The Bowels of a Rust Giant (15 points): Venture inside the Dune Sea EcoPod.
    Forlorn Watcher (15 points): Travel to the summit of the Broken Tract EcoPod.
    Sunken Hope (15 points): Visit the Wetlands EcoPod.
    Reaching out to the Past (15 points): Traverse the bridge to the EcoPod in the Wilds.
    Wasteland Vagabond (15 points): Visit every Trade Coalition settlement.

Additionally, there are eight secret achievements:

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    The Ranger (10 points): Complete mission: The Ranger.
    Blackout (10 points): Complete mission: Blackout.
    The Signal (15 points): Complete mission: The Signal.
    Wasteland Celebrity (15 points): Complete mission: Wasteland Celebrity.
    Beneath the Surface (15 points): Complete mission: Beneath the Surface.
    Ground Control (15 points): Complete mission: Ground Control.
    Double Cross (15 points): Complete mission: Double Cross.
    Project Dagger (15 points): Complete mission: Project Dagger.
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