RESOGUN’s “Heroes” Expansion Now Available; New Content Detailed

RESOGUN’s “Heroes” Expansion Now Available; New Content Detailed

As revealed on PlayStation.Blog on Tuesday, June 24, the producer of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studio’s subsidiary development studio XDev Studio Europe, Ian Pickles, took a moment to discuss the additional content you’ll be receiving with Resogun’s forthcoming expansion, “ Heroes ”.

Available as of Wednesday, June 25, the Heroes expansion will ba a free download to your PlayStation 4, and it’ll be Resogun’s first major expansion in its short life. The expansion itself was ensured to work on par with the base game in terms of playability and enjoyment.

With the Heroes expansion, two new gameplay modes and a new world will be added to the game. Resogun’s new Survival Mode and Demolition Mode will both take place on a new world named Avernus, which was named after the gate to The Underworld in Greek mythology.

In homage to the mythical gateway, Avernus is a dark place full of new enemies and the mysterious Sentinel craft all of which are not happy to see you coming back for more.

Survival Mode, as the title entails, requires you to survival for as long as possible with only a single life. Furthermore, Humans will be parachuting their way into the fight to be collected. Collecting the Humans will immediately power up your weapons “ give you the edge with several power ups including an improved shield, Clock (turbo speed), overcharged weapons and much more.

Another addition to Survival Mode includes a couple of things that’ll keep you pushing against the oncoming waves of enemies, which have been listed below.

  • Fallen Heroes: These are holograms of your ship placed on a timeline representing your best performance to date. Do better and the fallen hero will activate and, if collected will improve your shield and weapons to aid your survival; and

  • Monuments: Nothing pushes you like beating your friends! In survival we place Monuments representing your friends (or global) scores around you. Beat the score to destroy the monument as you move up the leaderboards to glory.

As for Demolition Mode, you’ll get to say hello to the “Wrecking Ball” as you take the fight to Avernus only armed with a proximity bomb weapon that recharges after use.

No other weapons, boosts or overdrives will be available in this gamemode. All you’ll have to do is launch your proximity bomb at the Wrecking Ball and watch as it zooms around the map, blowing up everything it hits in its path–including you.

The Wrecking Ball powers up after destroying 1,000 enemies and what’s more power ups will provide you with multiple wrecking balls and instant recharges of your bomb. It’s a risk and reward strategy where more Wrecking Balls equals more carnage but pose far more danger to your small vulnerable ship,” Pickles wrote on PlayStation.Blog.

You can read the new content that’ll be available with Resogun’s Heroes expansion in full via the source link below. Heroes is now available for €4.99, or your regional equivalent.

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