20-hour Trial for Battlefield 4 Available for PS3 PS Plus Members

20-hour Trial for Battlefield 4 Available for PS3 PS Plus Members

For those of you who own a PlayStation 3 but do not own a copy of Battlefield 4 , DICE has quite a generous offer for you.

The studio’s community manager Vincent Vukovic announced on PlayStation.Blog that PlayStation 3 owners with a PlayStation Plus subscription–who live in North America–will be treated to a 20-hour trial of the latest addition to the Battlefield franchise (not counting the recently leaked “ Battlefield Hardline ).

The 20-hour trial became available to download via the PlayStation Store on Tuesday, May 27, and the trail itself contains the full base game of Battlefield 4 (meaning that the trial does not include the game’s DLC content). Your 20-hour timer will start ticking the moment you first start playing the game.

To download the trial, simply search for Battlefield 4 in the PlayStation Store and locate and download the trial version of the game. Vukovic also gave a list of reasons as to why you should try out Battlefield 4 , in case you happen to be on the fence about it. Those reasons have been listed below.

  • Intense Multiplayer – Nothing compares to the scale and scope of Battlefield 4’s multiplayer. Enjoy the all-time classic Conquest or Rush modes, plant a bomb in Obliteration, or show your skills in the fast-paced world of Domination;

  • Vehicle Warfare – Tanks, boats, jets, and helis — the vehicular warfare delivers all that you need to dominate multiplayer matches;

  • Destruction – Change the face of battle with levolution and experience destruction both big and small. Take down an entire skyscraper or kill the lights in a building to shroud your enemy in darkness;

  • Stunning Visuals – The Frostbite 3 engine ensures breath-taking vistas and total immersion in the varied sceneries you’ll encounter in the game;

  • Only in Battlefield 4 – The dynamic multiplayer gameplay ensures that no two matches are the same. Whether you’re parachuting down to an enemy control point or attaching C4 to a tank, unpredictable Battlefield moments will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Battlefield 4 developer DICE unveiled its introduction of microtransactions to the game on Tuesday, May 27. With these microtransactions, you will now be able to buy in-game Battlepacks in Battlefield 4 with real-life money, for those of you who value your time more so than your money.

Furthermore, some leaks regarding a police-themed Battlefield title cropped up following a new Battlelog update According to the leaks, the game, ” Battlefield Hardline “, is internally codenamed “Havana” and is currently in co-development with Dead Space studio Visceral Games.

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