Battlefield Hardline is Now in Open Beta for PC

Battlefield Hardline is Now in Open Beta for PC

Revealed on Battlefield.Blog, Battlefield developer DICE has announced that the Battlefield Hardline Closed Beta has now officially entered Open Beta for PC, several months ahead than the expected Fall availability.

Terming it as “ instant access to the Battlefield Hardline Beta, ” PC players will now be able to join in on the “cops and robbers, with miniguns and explosives” thing as of Wednesday, June 18.

Signing up for the Open Beta is the same process as signing up for the Closed Beta , and doing so will reward you with the same Closed Beta goodies (which are detailed below).

  • Weapon camo/skin in Battlefield Hardline ;

  • Weapon sight in Battlefield Hardline ;

  • Additional Battlefield Hardline content; and

  • Unique dog tag in Battlefield 4.

The Battlefield Hardline goodies will be made available when the game officially releases in the US and Europe on Tuesday, October 21 . The Battlefield 4 dog tag will be implemented into the game next month.

If those goodies don’t tickle your fancy, DICE has unveiled two challenges for you to engage in–both have been detailed below, courtesy of Battlefield.Blog.

  • Reach Rank 10, Get a Special Battlepack at Launch : Score a special Battlepack in the retail launch of Battlefield Hardline by reaching rank 10 during the beta. (This reward is open to both PC and PS4 players)

  • Enable Facebook Sharing, Get $1K In-Game Cash: Enable Facebook Sharing when firing up Battlefield Hardline or through the in-game Options and land yourself $1K in-game cash to spend on additional weapons and gadgets. (This reward is open to both PC and PS4 players).

We have detailed instructions on you can sign up for the Battlefield Hardline’s Beta, which can be read here .

Battlefield Hardline is slated to release on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC. You can check out some Battlefield Hardline multiplayer gameplay footage via the embedded video below.

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