Details Leaked for Police-Themed “Battlefield Hardline”

Details Leaked for Police-Themed “Battlefield Hardline”

Some leaks regarding a police-themed Battlefield title have occurred following a new Battlelog update, as discovered by Better Battlelog forums . According to the leaks, the game, ” Battlefield Hardline “, is internally codenamed “Havana” and is currently in co-development with Dead Space studio Visceral Games.

Also according to the report, Battlefield Hardline’s logo and artwork were found on EA’s server earlier on Tuesday, May 27. However, the particular source leading to EA’s server has been removed. Along with the logo and artwork, a set of ” BFH ” icons for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One were also found. There’s also icons titled as ” BFH+ “, which is presumed to be icon content reserved for Battlefield Premium members.

Some information as to what sort of classes the game will feature have also been found: Enforcer, Mechanic, Operator and Professional; and references to a map, referred to as “MP_Downtown”, and parts of a Beta welcoming message have also been found. As of right now, there are allegedly three gamesmodes have have been named: Blood Money, Bomb Squad and Carrier Assault.

Incidentally, the Twitter account Battlefield Daily tweeted a list of in-game awards for Battlefield Hardline , which include medals of a skull, lots of weapons, some handcuffs, a money bag and a flag.

Awards from the next Battlefield game: pic.twitter.com/1h1lRiVLvN

— Battlefield Daily (@BFDaily) May 27, 2014

Neither EA, DICE or Visceral Games have commented on the leak as of yet, but DICE did confirm that the Battlelog update did break its emblem creator, in which a missing icon entitled “Visceralskull” was referenced.

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