Battlefield 4 Creators Acknowledge Serious PC Version Problems

Battlefield 4 Creators Acknowledge Serious PC Version Problems

If you recently picked up Battlefield 4 for your PC, then you likely have had to sit through an impossible number of crashes . Luckily DICE, the creators of Battlefield 4 , are keeping track of these issues and are rushing out numerous patches to get the game working properly. In addition to offline single-player crashes and online server crashes, some players are even reporting that their multiplayer progress has been lost. Even some console owners are reporting problems with mission creation.

You can read DICE’s full list of issues below. As of writing, some issues have already been fixed, but many serious issues, such as loss of multiplayer progress, are still being hammered out.

UPDATE #3 (Nov 4):

Fixing server crashes

New server update (R6) was rolled out across all platforms to fix the most common server crash.

UPDATE #2 (Nov 3):

Fixing the server queues on PC

We’re rolling out a server update on PC with a fix for the join queue. As this new server version starts to populate servers, you will notice that server queues on PC will be available again in Battlefield 4. Note that it might take some time before the majority of PC servers are equipped with this fix (up to 24h).

UPDATE (Nov 3):

Server crashes

We have identified an issue where the game server will crash and disconnect players, causing them to lose any stats gathered during that specific round. We have a fix in progress to address this issue in a server update and will let you know once it’s ready to roll out.

Since the launch of Battlefield 4, some fans playing online have been experiencing various issues with the game. Thanks to your feedback, many of these problems have been resolved, but there are still a number of bugs that we are actively working on. Below you will find a list of some of the resolved issues, as well as some of the issues we are prioritizing at the moment and what we’re doing to address them.

Game crashes and freezes


Players on all formats have been experiencing game crashes and freezes while playing. We have logs of the most frequently occurring client crashes, and we are actively working to Obliterate the cause of these crashes in upcoming updates.

Note that crashes come in different types, and therefore this is technically not one single issue. There are two kinds of crashes and two types of updates that can address them: server-side updates that we can release on the fly (four of these have already been released since launch), and game client updates that require more in-depth testing and certification before they can go live.

We have found and eliminated some of the server-side crashes on PC in the latest server update (version R4) that went live November 1. There is also a planned client update on PC in the near future where we are aiming to eliminate as many of the client-related crashes as possible.

Progress in Multiplayer Lost


Players have reported losing their progress in multiplayer. This is probably related to crashes stopping the game reports from being sent to Battlelog. We are still investigating this issue in more detail. Note that your progress sometimes can seem to be reset during server maintenance windows. In these cases, your stats will be just fine and reappear later.

Single Player Save File Corrupted


We are still investigating the issue of single player save files being corrupted for some players. If you have experienced this problem, please describe below the steps leading up to the save file being corrupted, your platform (PC, PS3 or X360), and when the issue occurred. If you’re on PC, please also list your OS and system specs.

Miscellaneous Audio Bugs


We are aware of the issues with missing/corrupted audio in multiplayer and have created a fix for them. This fix is planned for release in the next PC client patch (see “Upcoming Updates” below.)

Magazine Reload Bug on Normal


On all platforms, some players were experiencing a bug when playing on Normal servers. The bug caused the reload setting to incorrectly mimic the behavior from Hardcore servers. This was fixed in our fourth and latest server update.

Xbox 360 Missions not Working as Intended


There was a bug preventing Xbox 360 players from creating MISSIONS. This should now work properly, as we made some necessary changes to the backend infrastructure.

Battlefield 4 Premium “Reset Stats” Feature Not Working


Battlefield 4 Premium members have the option of resetting their multiplayer stats. This feature has not been working as intended. We have now identified the cause and solution, and Battlelog will perform a zero downtime fix for this that should roll out very soon.

Server Queues not Functioning


Players haven’t been able to join queues for servers, and we are actively working on the issue. We believe we have a solution to this, pending a future patch. We disabled server queues as we found a bug in the queue system, and we are working to isolate the real issue and find a solution for it.

Promotional Battlepack Items Not Appearing In-game and/or on Battlelog


We are aware of this issue, and are working on a solution for it. Note that in some cases the Battlepack items will actually show up after a delay. If you’re still not seeing your items after 12 hours or so, please reach out to EA Help at https://help.ea.com/en/battlefield/battlefield-4 [help.ea.com].

What’s Next? Upcoming Updates

We are working on a PC client patch at the moment and hope to release it soon. We will share the patch notes once we have the patch contents finalized. The main focus is to fix as many crashes as possible, starting with the issues affecting a large number of players. We will update you once we are ready to release new server updates. We are currently working on server update #5, with four being released so far.

Keep the Gameplay Feedback Coming!

We are hearing your feedback regarding gameplay balance and other tweaks to classes and weapons, and are actively discussing these with the designers.

One subject that’s been generating a lot of feedback is the controller layout in Battlefield 4. An in-depth look at the controller options in Battlefield 4 will be published later on the Battlefield Blog at http://blogs.battlefield.com/ [blogs.battlefield.com].

Thanks for your Patience

We would like to thank all players who have been reporting their issues to us – your feedback is invaluable when making sure we can deliver the Battlefield 4 experience you all deserve. In true DICE fashion, we will keep supporting Battlefield 4 for a long time, and we appreciate your feedback and patience as we work these issues out.

Source: Battlefield Battlelog

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