Battlefield 3 Finally Has A Major Update

Battlefield 3 Finally Has A Major Update


EA and DICE may have finally fixed a few of the problems that have been causing Battlefield 3 players to punch their computers since the game dropped last month. However, today’s patch is PC only, so if you’ve been punching your PS3 or 360, your fists will be sore for a while longer.

DICE’s Battlefield Blog gave a few of the details about the upcoming patch, and I must say, they sound delicious. “You’ll see improved polish, stability, weapons balancing, squad control functionality, user interface enhancements, and several feature enhancements that address feedback the community has provided to date,” the blog says, “plus we’re removing the so called ‘negative mouse acceleration’ that some of you have experienced.”

The detailed patch notes are extensive, but some of the highlights include:

  • General performance and loading time improvements.

  • Black Screen” fix for an issue occurring on some PC configurations.

  • Stereo and rendering support for Nvidia and AMD graphics cards.

  • Fixed several crashes that occurred when joining multiplayer and co-op sessions.

  • You should no longer spawn too close to enemies in TDM, SQDM, or Conquest.

  • Several server-crash fixes.

  • Anti-stat padding measures taken, disallowing ranked servers to run obscure settings.

  • Improved team kill kick configuration.

    This update has been a long time coming and will hopefully relive most of the complaints people have had with BF3.

    The patch is currently available. So, if you haven’t been able to download it yet, keep trying.

    By Josh Engen

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